07-08 BAP Signature Series Case Break Video!

Discussion in 'Hockey Card Talk' started by Leafsfan1967, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    Interesting way to do a group case break from one of my favorite video break guys to watch. They sold 10 of the 12 boxes by packs in a day, or two, and decided to break them as opposed to waiting for the other 2 boxes to sell. Here is the break of the 10 boxes from the case. 45 minute video, so grab a drink! :) Hope I can do one of these for myself some day!

    YouTube - 2007/08 Be A Player Hockey Group Break
  2. rndmhro

    rndmhro Molson Hero

    Yeah I love watching these guys break, watching them pronounce the names is the best part. Got to Love American box breaks. Thanks for the link Troy, I'll watch when my computer decides to comply with youtube.
  3. AquaholicFishing

    AquaholicFishing New Member

    Pretty cool break for as much as I got to watch. Nice pull for the guy that got the Fleury/Staal dual auto.
  4. wayneiskool3.

    wayneiskool3. New Member

    kinda odd though
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