Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by ac-n-mike, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    I would be lying if I said yes... sorry...

    WAIT... Prosper had the Nets.. I think they had 4-5

    BUT every case is different.. so you never know
  2. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    I know, just like I'd be crazy to EXPECT a Jordan auto in this case as well....just don't really have a preference over the remaining teams...figured at least Kidd and Vince Carter have some sell value
  3. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    there are no more remaining teams... its sold out ;)

    or were you looking to swap out a team?
  4. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    I'm hoping for a LEBRON/MJ dual ;)
  5. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

    I just want another Jordan :p
  6. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    if YOU get another JORDAN... I quit doing group breaks LOL
  7. HiEnd

    HiEnd New Member

    $$ sent
  8. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    marked PAID thanks sir ;)
  9. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    had thought about swapping out the nets, but I think I will stay put with them
  10. Neobright

    Neobright New Member

    I made a note of the hits from the last break, I missed some and quite a few were randoms which I just noted down as 'random' without a team - I think there was only one team without a hit. I'd take this as a guide rather than gospel!

    The order below goes from those teams with the least cards in the set to the most, so the Pistons have the most cards (90 ish in total) and they also had the higest number of hits.

    Blazers 5
    Raptors 1
    Warriors 1
    Grizzlies 3
    Sonics 4
    Kings 5
    Wolves 3
    Clippers 2
    Lakers 3
    Bulls 6
    Nets 2
    Wizards 1
    Bobcats 2
    Mavs 3
    Cavs 6
    Rockets 5
    Jazz 2
    Nuggets 3
    Hawks 2
    Hornets 5
    Heat 1
    76ers 5
    Spurs 1
    Celtics 5
    Knicks 2
    Suns 4
    Pistons 9

    Randoms 16
  11. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Bucks were THAT 1 team last break :(
  12. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    wow NEOBRIGHT is a freak ... nicely done :)
  13. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    wow...awesome job neobright
  14. lildones

    lildones New Member

    lol and the Magic the big goose egg. I got a feeling Atrain will get that Howard auto. I think I am starting to loose a little MOJO. maybe not loosing MOJO just speading it around.......random gods I'll take the bulls and card gods I'll take that Jordan #d 10 a 1/1 would be nice but don't want to be too greedy :D.
  15. Neobright

    Neobright New Member

    Glad to be of service - I'm just hoping the Suns get more of a share of the hits this time, I'd love a Nash auto...
  16. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    good luck to you all.... just short a couple of payments

    rokcrawler (spoke with already)
    atrain2004 (spoke with already)
    bjtheman (got all but the KNICKS payment)

    ...... i should be able to get the randoms done tonight....
  17. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

  18. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    thanks sir
  19. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

    Um, any chance we can do the random around 7pm?? My internet is down at home and I don't know when it'll be back up. Also, can't watch justintv on my iPhone :)
  20. RokCrawler08

    RokCrawler08 Member

    Guys SSorry For Holding This Up.

    Paypal Said I Was Doing Unsual Activity On Ebay, Because I Sold 232 Worth Of Cards In 1 Week, How ******** Is That, And they Are MAKING ME Provide a Bank Account. So I Borrowed My Aunts. And Awaiting The Few Cents Or w/e they do to confirm it....So It May Take Another Day. but as SOON as that happens im sending my payment, on another note.

    i know this is a longshot, and i dont know if its the rules or not, out of curiosity, anyone up for a contract trade? u buy me the spot. make a transaction, and if i dont repay when my paypal gets up im banned from the site?

    just wondering i hate having to hold you all up, ill edit this post with the statement my payupal account says. and ill copy my pending balance to prove that i have the $$$ in it...give me a moment
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