09-10 UD Series 2, Box #2 *LOADED*

Discussion in 'Hockey Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Tylerg30, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Tylerg30

    Tylerg30 Member

    Well, I think both boxes had the exact same Young Guns in it, both out of the same case. Great job UD! Well, it's great, because I pulled Gustavvson in both. But I guess getting that and an extra hit being a Patch, I really can't complain :)

    Young Guns:
    453 Tyler Ennis
    457 Philippe Dupuis
    462 Devan Dubnyk
    472 Mathieu Carle
    484 Oskars Bartulis
    490 Jonas Gustavsson

    Phil Kessel Game Jersey
    Ray Emery Game Patch 15/15 (3 color white/yellow/black)
    Kris Chucko Rookie Materials Jersey

    287 Chris Pronger 54/100 (I guess it is a Flyers box)

    Victory RC's:
    311 Wathier
    313 Kindl
    315 C. Wilson
    316 Franson
    317 Pikkarainen
    318 John Tavares Gold
    323 Johan Backlund
    328 Zalewski
    331 Hedman
    332 Stalberg
    334 Gustavsson
    336 Reimer

    Mark Messier Hockey Heroes 19, 24 (same as box 1)

    Playoff Performers:
    2 Ward
    13 Crosby (both same as box 1)

    Draft Day Gems:
    26 Kurri (same as box 1)
    28 Alfredsson

    Rookie Debut:
    RD3 Hedman

    The Champions:
    Cassie Campbell Ice Hockey (Canada)
    Sasha Cohen Figure Skater (USA)
  2. jobes23

    jobes23 New Member

    since you got double ygs you willing to trade?
  3. Tylerg30

    Tylerg30 Member

    Since they are getting pretty good value on Ebay, probably just going to sell them. Unless it's an offer I can't refuse :)
  4. jobes23

    jobes23 New Member

    well check my bucket and if you see anything let me know
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