1938 Horrors of War Cards

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  1. dabbott11

    dabbott11 New Member

    I just found a group of about 60 of these cards. They are in very nice condition. Are they of any value? Any interest?
  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards Insane Moderator... waiting for NASCAR Products Moderator

    scan of the cards? there is quite a bit of interest among military buffs... and collectors that pick up misc. cards.
  3. NattyBoo

    NattyBoo Active Member

    Condition and card #s? I would be interested for the right price or for trade. I have a couple of these sets that were passed down to me, and I am always looking to upgrade or to even start a third and fourth since they will be passed on to my four children.
  4. Raydeonish

    Raydeonish New Member

    I would be interested in the HOW cards as well. Depends upon which cards you have and their condition. Have they been graded?
  5. jrawk1120

    jrawk1120 Member

    Id be interested, do you have pics?
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