1994 Gold Standard 4-Sport

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    I have a few of these, and am willing to consider any offers for them. All the Gold Signature cards are serial #'d and are from a 20-card sub-set.

    I have:

    Gold Signatures:

    3/#2 - Josh Booty (Baseball, drafted by Florida)
    #3 - Radek Bonk (Hockey, drafted by Ottawa)
    2/#4 - Nolan Baumgartner (Hockey, drafted by Washington)
    2/#5 - Sam Adams (Beer, I mean Football, drafted by Seattle)
    4/ #6 - Brooks Kieschnick (Baseball, drafted by Chicago NL)
    #8 - Charles Johnson (Baseball, drafted by Florida)
    4/#9 - Juwan Howard (Basketball, drafted by Washington)
    2/#10 - Cliff Floyd (Baseball, drafted by Montreal)
    3/#11 - James Mouton (Baseball, drafted by Houston)
    #12 - Eric Montross (Basketball, drafted by Boston)
    #13 - Willie McGinest (Football, drafted by New England)
    #14 - Donyell Marshall (Basketball, drafted by Minnesota)
    3/#15 - Perry Klein (Football, drafted by Atlanta)
    2/#16 - Sharone Wright (Basketball, drafted by Philadelphia)
    #18 - Ryan Smyth (Hockey, drafted by Edmonton)
    3/#19 - Clifford Rozier (Basketball, drafted by Golden State)
    2/#20 - Jalen Rose (Basketball, drafted by Denver)

    I bet there won't be much interest in these, but as I'm going through stuff to look for trade/sell cards, I figure: "Why not post 'em, anyway?" Who knows, maybe someone'll really love the next card...

    ...an Elvin Hayes Redemption card. Think I should send it in? :rolleyes:


    #L2 - Larry Bird
    #L3 - Nolan Ryan
    #L4 - "Pee Wee" Reese

    Pics below.
  2. IQless1

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    1994 SR Gold Standard 4-Sport - 1.jpg 1994 SR Gold Standard 4-Sport - 2.jpg 1994 SR Gold Standard 4-Sport - 3.jpg 1994 SR Gold Standard 4-Sport - 4.jpg 1994 SR Gold Standard 4-Sport - 5.jpg

    I'm guessing only the Bird and Ryan cards will spark much interest lol
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