1994 Signature Rookies

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    I have a bunch of these cards. They are all hand-numbered autographs, "of 7,750". I never found a listing for them back in the days when I bought price guides, so any info is appreciated.

    I listed them elsewhere as "1994-95 Signature Rookies". Is this wrong? I'm not sure I can create a single-year entry, so the point may be moot lol

    The images:

    ...forthcoming. I don't see a way to copy and paste them here, so I uploaded the images of the first card to another site, which is reviewing them. I created a set for them a year or two ago, and may have listed it incorrectly. For now I'll just list them.

    The list:

    1994 Signature Rookies - Autographs

    All are hand numbered, and "of 7,750".

    I have: 1-9, 11, 18-21, 23, 24, 27-30, 32-38, 40-45, 2/46, 48-56, 64-66, 69

    1. Vaclav Varada
    2. Roman Vopat
    3. Yannick Dube
    4. Colin Cloutier
    5. Scott Cherrey
    6. Johan Finnstrom
    7. Fredrik Modin
    8. Stephane Roy
    9. Yevgeni Ryabchikov
    11. Jason Holland
    18. Wade Belak
    19. Sebastien Bety
    20. Chris Dingman
    21. Peter Nylander
    23. Kelly Fairchild
    24. Norm Dezainde
    27. Sheldon Souray
    28. Stefan Ustorf
    29. Juha Vurovirta
    30. Mark Seliger
    32. Dimitri Tabarin
    33. Nikolai Tsulygin
    34. Paul Vincent
    35. Rhett Warrener
    36. Jamie Rivers
    37. Ruman Ndur
    38. Phil Hubar
    40. Mike Barrie
    41. Chris Hynnes
    42. Mike Dubinski
    43. Steve Cheredaryk
    44. Jim Carey
    45. Brad Symes
    46. Jorgen Jonsson
    48. Corey Nielson
    49. Daniel Tjarnqvist
    50. Vadim Yepanchintsev
    51. Sean Haggerty
    52. Mark McArthur
    53. Adam Magarrell
    54. Dave Scatchard
    55. Sebastien Vallee
    56. Milos Guren
    64. Dorian Anneck
    65. Andrew Taylor
    66. Brad Bombardir
    69. Milan Hejduk
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    I doubt they are worth even a buck a piece, but you never know. All the "star" cards are probably already cherry-picked out, before I bought 'em.

    One thing I like, that most people probably wouldn't, is the bleedthrough of previous autographs onto the backs of the next card the guy signed. Some of these guys weren't too careful when the signed 'em, and likely stacked them on top of each other before the ink was dry. I just love that idea lol
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    Ahhhh, I didn't see the "Upload a File" button until now. Let's give it a shot:

    1_Valclav Varanda - Front.jpg
    1_Valclav Varanda - Reverse.jpg
    That should work, ;)
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    I've scanned up to card # 30...so I'm more than half-way done.

    Then I gotta do all my autos. And all my relics. And all my Packers. And...and...man, I'm gonna be at this a while! :eek:
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    I guess I should try the "Thumbnails" function here:
    2_Roman Vopat - Front.jpg
    2_Roman Vopat - Reverse.jpg
    I wanna see how that works, ;)
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    That'll work too, :)
  7. IQless1

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    Now, to try several thumbnails in one post:

    3_Yannick Dube - Front.jpg 3_Yannick Dube - Reverse.jpg 4_Colin Cloutier - Front.jpg 4_Colin Cloutier - Reverse.jpg 5_Scott Cherrey - Front.jpg
    5_Scott Cherrey - Reverse.jpg 6_Johan Finnstrom - Front.jpg 6_Johan Finnstrom - Reverse.jpg 7_Fredrik Modin - Front.jpg 7_Fredrik Modin - Reverse.jpg
    OK, so ten thumbnail limit, and I can orient them how I want, cool. :cool:
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    I may as well continue posting groups of images, ;)

    8_Stephane Roy - Front.jpg 8_Stephane Roy - Reverse.jpg 9_Yevgeni Ryabchikov - Front.jpg 9_Yevgeni Ryabchikov - Reverse.jpg
    11_Jason Holland - Front.jpg 11_Jason Holland - Reverse.jpg 18_Wade Belak - Front.jpg 18_Wade Belak - Reverse.jpg
    19_Sebastien Bety - Front.jpg 19_Sebastien Bety - Reverse.jpg
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    The last few that I have scanned so far, and ready to upload:

    28_Stefan Ustorf - Front.jpg 28_Stefan Ustorf - Reverse.jpg 29_Juha Vurovirta - Front.jpg 29_Juha Vurovirta - Reverse.jpg 30_Mark Seliger - Front.jpg 30_Mark Seliger - Reverse.jpg
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    The rest, in the next several posts, ;)
    32_Dimitri Tabarin - Front.jpg 32_Dimitri Tabarin - Reverse.jpg
    33_Nikolai Tsulygin - Front.jpg 33_Nikolai Tsulygin - Reverse.jpg
    34_Paul Vincent - Front.jpg 34_Paul Vincent - Reverse.jpg
    35_Rhett Warrener - Front.jpg 35_Rhett Warrener - Reverse.jpg
    36_Jamie Rivers - Front.jpg 36_Jamie Rivers - Reverse.jpg :
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    43_Steve Cheredaryk - Front.jpg 43_Steve Cheredaryk - Reverse.jpg
    44_Jim Carey - Front.jpg 44_Jim Carey - Reverse.jpg
    45_Brad Symes - Front.jpg 45_Brad Symes - Reverse.jpg
    46_Jorgen Jonsson 1012 - Front.jpg 46_Jorgen Jonsson 1012 - Reverse.jpg
    46_Jorgen Jonsson 2554 - Front.jpg 46_Jorgen Jonsson 2554 - Reverse.jpg
    ...since I have two of #46.
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    65_Andrew Taylor - Front.jpg 65_Andrew Taylor - Reverse.jpg
    66_Brad Bombardir - Front.jpg 66_Brad Bombardir - Reverse.jpg
    69_Milan Hejduk - Front.jpg 69_Milan Hejduk - Reverse.jpg

    All forrrrr....a million dollars? ...No?....$999,999...No? :confused:

    Fine then, :mad:

    But really, I just need info on them, if anyone can help, it's appreciated.
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    Let me check my annual beckett book I have, I remember this cards, might want some of them if your willing to part with some, yeah, no big names but #69, maybe Rivers was a Rookie red Wing, give me by the weekend, been feeling sick of late
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    I cant give you any info on this set, but I do know I like these 2 if ou ever decide to trade or sell. :)

    27. Sheldon Souray
    69. Milan Hejduk
  19. IQless1

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    Sorry to hear that, hopefully nothing serious.

    Yeah, if you can get me values on them I'd consider selling them.

    I'd have to see what cards you want, and see how much postage for bubble mailers or Media Mail and USPS Tracking costs, and go from there.

    Right now it looks to be around $3 to $4 to ship a couple cards, and I'd eat some of that, but not all unless the cards are worth it. If the cards aren't valued past $5, or you're not willing to pay a minimum of $5, I couldn't sell 'em as it wouldn't be worth it to either of us.

    Buying this way may not be worth it to you, and selling this way may not be worth it to me, but let's see what their values are.
  20. IQless1

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    A few things:

    redwing40 asked first, so he (or she?) gets first crack at it.

    I can't trade right now. I can't afford the extra expenses. I'll sell, but only if the cards are valued high enough. A $1 card isn't worth the expense of shipping, as I'd lose money, and the card lol

    I need to see what the values are on them before I can do anything. Given that I never found a listing for them anywhere, that's kinda tough. I'd need to verify values given someway, possibly through a third party, or if links are provided I could take a look.

    After knowing the value, I'd need to see what (someone) would offer for them, or state a price myself.

    My goal is to meet half-way between making me happy and someone else happy.

    If you have knowledge of what the values of the two cards, let me know, as it'll help move this along to a sale/purchase or a "forget it, not worth it" conclusion.

    Tanks for the interest, either way.
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