1994 Signature Rookies

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    The whole set is $100 1-69, there is a gold foil set also but same BV! So there you go, gald to help

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    Thanks. :)

    I was pretty sure there was another variation of this, but couldn't remember.

    I guess they're not really worth trading or selling, since it's not worth it to me or you (or camaropat) to try to trade or sell, given my reluctance to spend money.

    That's fine with me, really...as I was pretty certain that was going to happen, and I cherish the cards for several reasons. I love the "bleed-through, for one...as you just don't see it that often, and the hand # serial-numbering is cool.

    If you don't mind, is there any other info in your (book)? I take it individual cards aren't listed? If there are a couple cards worth $5 or so, it might be possible to work-out a trade or sell deal for them...something we both (or camaropat and I) are comfortable with.

    I don't really want to sell or trade them all, for a few reasons. One: I'm missing....22 cards out of 69...roughly a third, which likely lowers the value to around $65...probably less, as the missing cards are likely to be the more valuable ones...making the ones I have worth around half that...maybe $35. Given the idea that I'd sell them at a reasonable price, say around $20 or so, it's not really worth it to me, since I like them too much.

    But, if a couple/few cards are worth say $15, I could probably sell them at $10 and pay for shipping myself, or take a cheap relic (or auto) or two (or three, depending on value) + a couple bucks for shipping. That I might be able to deal with lol

    In any case, thanks for the assistance. ;)
  3. IQless1

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    What's a bubble-mailer cost to ship now anyway? I know insurance is something like 90 cents, so something like $2.50? $3? It's been years since I've sent any cards to people, and I couldn't find info on that at usps.com. I need to know for any future trade/selling deals I make.

    Thanks, to anyone that can help clarify it for me.
  4. redwing40

    redwing40 Active Member

    Its 2.95 I think under 4 oz, Canada for one card is $6.50 with new Customs form, International $10-15 under 4 oz, I paid $18 for a over 4 oz package to Demark, hope this helps!
  5. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

  6. IQless1

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    I doubt we can come to terms, from what I can tell, they're just not worth the expense for us.

    It's different with higher-valued cards...one's above $20 say. With a $20 card (or cards), I could be willing to sell it (or trade it, if shipping is accounted for) for less, say $10 to $15 depending on how much I cherish it, and pay for shipping myself out of that. With a couple of cards valued at a buck a piece, I couldn't pay shipping, as I'd lose money...and the cards lol

    Since I believe the Hejduk is probably a star card, it's likely to be worth in the $3 to $5 range, while the other is likely a $1 to $2 card. These are pure guesses, but if accurate, that's make them worth between $4 and $7. Splitting the difference at $5.50, and discounting them to $4, and with shipping at around $3, I'd only get around a buck for 'em, and so it's not really worth it to me to sell or trade 'em, sorry.

    Then again, if the 69-card set is valued at $100, and the Hejduk is the top card, it's probaly more in the range of $8 to $12. The other might be $2. Combined maybe $12 on average. I could discount to $8, and might be willing to pay for shipping and insurance, as long as it is indeed $3. That'd give me $5 for the pair.

    In other words: It's complicated not knowing the values lol
  7. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Yeah, these are probably the Gold Foil variation. The numbers and all info 'cept the Set logo are gold-foil-like.

    Thanks again. I'll update my info on 'em for my lists and pics.
  8. redwing40

    redwing40 Active Member

    I personally like the set, I found one in my Inserts and RCs box which goes back them years, I would keep them and find the others for the set! But if you ever want to brake the set, I could use some! but let camaropat have the Ave's cards, or was it Quebec at the time!
  9. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    He can make an offer if he wants. If he passes, you can. I'll consider selling them, or trading as long as some $ is thrown in for shipping.

    I should add my other hockey autos and relics. I'm more into football (Packers) than hockey, and I don't have many.

    I did some research to find out just what I have auto-wise, It ain't easy, but I think these are correct:

    1995 Signature Rookies (Draft Day?) # 23 Jan Labraaten (Farjestad Jr., drafted by Calgary) 1385/4,500

    1995 Signature Rookies (Draft Day?) # 27 Donald MacLean (Beauport, drafted by Los Angeles) 58/4,500

    1999 Upper Deck MVP, ProSign, # JF Jeff Friesen

    2000/01 (In The Game) Be A Player (2001 Signature Series), # 138 Jocelyn Thibault (Chicago Blackhawks)

    2000/01 (In The Game) Be A Player (2001 Signature Series), # 230 Roman Simicek, (Pittsburgh Penguins) "First Signature Card"

    2000/01 (In The Game) Be A Player (2001 Signature Series), # 231 Reto Von Arx, (Chicago Blackhawks) "First Signature Card" - X 2

    Be a Player is likely the correct listing, but there's no indication of that on the card. I hate when manufacturers do that. :mad: I think I got the teams right.

    I only have one Hockey relic:

    2001 (Pacific) Private Stock, Game-Worn (jersey), # 37 Jamie Langenbrunner (Dallas Stars)
  10. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    I can let these go. I sent you those Wrestling cards though, so maybe once you get them you can decide on whether or not to take these too.

    I'll also throw these two in as a bonus:

    Hockey Action.jpg

    They are 2001 Private Stock PS-2001 Action cards. The left is # 29 Jose Theodore and the right is # 34 Petr Sykora. You and Redwing40 can decide amongst yourselves whether or not either of you want these lol...maybe each take one? whatever, I don't care for the little.....fellas. ;)
  11. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Here's another group I don't mind throwing into a trade/sell offer:

    Hockey Holograms.jpg

    They are holographic stickers from Upper deck 1990-91, I believe. Identification was difficult, until now. I found a link that tells me the one on the top-left is a # 5 Mark Messier (Edmonton Oilers), the one one the top-right is a # 7 Steve Yzerman (Detroit Redwings), and the bottom two are also Steve Yzerman's, but # 9

    The link I used to identify these:


    Redwing40...do you have these? :confused:
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  12. IQless1

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  13. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    If someone wants the Action cards and the holograms, I'll trade/sell 'em, but I'll send them in soft-sleeves only. I'm low on supplies lol

    I'll make sure they are protected for transit though, using stiff cardboard backing, and they'll also be in bubble mailers.

    If they go with autos, the autos keep their top-loaders and team-set bags, so I'd pack 'em in between and wrap the bunch in paper to keep them in place during shipping.
  14. redwing40

    redwing40 Active Member

    Really, I will take them, never had the Yzerman one as I broke packs of them, Check my bucket, if a deal will help with shipin cost
  15. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Do you have a link? I'm not on Photobucket (I had to ask what a "bucket" was here lol) and I can't seem to find you there without joining.
  16. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Don't forget, camaropat just wants the two (we haven't worked on a deal for these yet, but I sent him some wrestling cards today) so the others are up for grabs. It sounds like you just want a few, so add them to any deal along with the holograms you want (I'm guessing one of each Yzerman?) We can wait to see if camaropat wants the two, as you might want the # 69 yourself if he declines.
  17. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    Interested in the Wade Belak auto. Shoot me a delivered price, or take a look to see if I have anything you can use in my bucket for it. Wouldn't mind a scan to see if I have it already! One of my favorite Leaf goons ever.
  18. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Why don't we wait a bit. I've been meaning to post some cool Earnhardt cards I have, and I'm willing to sell/trade them, so we could bundle a deal where shipping isn't such an issue for me. I found a few, but I'm too beat from work to go through more boxes and binders to find everything tonight. I'll post them in Racing once I get them scanned, probably tomorrow.
  19. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    Okay, save that Belak for me, and we'll see what else you have. No hurry on my end!
  20. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    camaropat has the 27 and 69, and I'm saving the 18 for a deal with Lefsfan1967, but you can take your pick of the rest. I would like to save at least one, but it's not critical lol

    No problem, pick which ones you want of these too.

    I gotta get $3 cash in any deal we make, to cover shipping, and would take a cash offer for the cards. Other than that I collect Packer cards (any, even commons), any autos (football preferred, cheap one are fine, but any sport, any non-sport will do), any relic (sport, non-sport), inserts, #'d cards, rookies...in other words: I'm easy to please lol

    Put a package together on what you're willing to offer for the cards you want, and I'll almost certainly take the offer. Ask camaropat lol
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