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    I know this is a long shot, but I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a question I have. I have been going back and putting together master sets of cards I loved as a kid. Sets I couldn't complete back then. In the 90s, these sets were spendy but today they are nearly worthless. So, the nice thing is I am able to relive those childhood dreams without breaking the bank.

    Anyway, one of the sets I loved back then was 1994 Ultra. I thought it was a great design with really interesting inserts and for the time was a higher end set.

    One of the insert sets was a set dedicated to (then) "star" QB Rick Mirer who had just won the Rookie of the Year. It was a 10 card set about his college years and his rookie year with two additional send in cards...making a total 12 card set. There was also an autographed version...which is the subject of my question. I have been unable to locate information about the autographed card. Nothing I have read has said if it is a single autograph or like previous Ultra issues if an autographed example exists of each card in the set (the 10 card set). So, is there a single autographed card...or is there 10?

    Also, does anyone have a photo of a pack issues autographed card? I'd be interested in seeing what kind of pen was used and if they embossed the card at all so I know what to look for.
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