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Discussion in 'Basketball Buy/Sell/Trade' started by camaropat, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Got a couple boxes in Monday, didn't do too bad. Looking for 80's/90's stars in trade (ie Stockton, Malone, Bird, Magic, Robinson, Olajuwon, Wilkins, Barkley, ect ect) on the same bv/sv level. :) No pics at this time but can get them on request. I am redeeming the Curry Friday night if no takers by then. :)

    Innovative Ink Stephen CUrry auto (redemption)
    Nicola Pekovic Fine Print auto
    Harrison Barnes RC auto
    Malcom Lee Innovative Ink auto
    Monroe G/U /49
    Randolph G/U /199
    Garnett Innovative View Red 21/25
    Anthony Davis rookie innovative View /349
    Illisova Lazer View
    Grevis Vasquez Passing Marks
  2. Innovative Ink Stephen CUrry auto (redemption)

    Are you willing to accept multiple cards with value in becketts? I don't have any game worns or autos to trade, but willing to do multiple of my cards. I have some good trade posts up in NASCAR/Football/Basketball!

    Edit: Would like to see a picture of this one as well please!

    Edit: Here is one link I have up: http://www.sportscardclub.com/threa...-just-one-and-others-inside-for-trade.428308/
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