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  1. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    Approximate Release Date: Wed, Jul 09 2008.

    Configuration: 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

    * The Rolls Royce of the industry returns, now in its fifth year!
    * Find 1 Autographed Rookie Patch, 1 Autographed Patch, 1 Memorabilia or Autograph, 1 Base Set Card and 1 Base Set, 1-of-1 Plate Card or Parallel in every premium box!
    * Introducing Exquisite Exclusives, a hand-signed box featuring 13 players - inside find exclusive content from that player!
    * All autographs are hard-signed and all boxes are hand-collated to guarantee premium content in every box!
    * Look for Artist Proofs - redemptions for framed uncut sheets used to produce Exquisite!

    Autographed Rookie Cards (1 per pack on average)
    * Exquisite Rookie Auto/Patch Lvl 1 (# to 225)
    * Exquisite Rookie Auto/Patch Lvl 2 (# to 99)
    * Exquisite Rookie Auto/Patch Gold (# to jersey #)

    Autographed Patch Cards (1 per pack on average)
    * Regular Cards Auto/Patch Variation (# to 1)
    * Exquisite Autographed Patch (# to 35)
    * Limited Logos (# to 50)
    * Noble Nameplates (# to 25)
    * Emblems of Endorsements (# to 10)
    * Exquisite Extra Quad Auto Patch // (# to 3)
    * Exquisite Numbers (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Dual Numbers (# to jersey #)
    * Scripted Swatches (# to 15)
    * Dual Scripted Swatches (# to 5)
    * Dual NBA Logoman Auto (# to 1)

    Memorabilia or Auto Cards (1 per pack, on average)
    * Regular Cards Jersey Variation (# to 25)
    * Regular Cards Patch Variation (# to 10)
    * Year One Autograph (# to 10)
    * Inscriptions (# to 25)
    * Finalists Auto (# to 25)
    * Exquisite Extra Quad Jersey (# to 25)
    * Exquisite Dual Jersey/Auto (# to 5)
    * Exquisite Triple Jersey/Auto (# to 3)
    * Exquisite Trio Patch (# to 10)
    * Exquisite Foursome Patch (# to 5)
    * Exquisite Triple Patch (# to 10)
    * Exquisite Trio Patch Gold // (# to 3)
    * Exquisite Foursome Patch Gold // (# to 1)
    * Exquisite Trio Patch Gold // (# to 3)
    * NBA All-Access Triple Logoman (# to 1)
    * Enshrinements Autograph (# to 25)
    * Dual Enshrinements Autograph (# to 10)

    Plate Cards, Regular Cards, Parallels and Non-Auto Rookies (2 per pack, on average)
    * Base Set - 60 Cards (# to 225)
    * Non-Auto Rookies (# to 99)
    * Base Set Gold // (# to 25)
    * Base Set Black // (# to 1)
    * Non-Auto Rookies Gold // (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Rookie Gold Variation (# to 25)
    * Exquisite Rookie Black Variation (# to 1)
    * 1-of-1 Printing Plate Cards (# to 1)
    * Artist Proof Redemptions (variable #)

    Exquisite Exclusives (hand-signed boxes from 1 of 13 players)
    * Exquisite Exclusives Autograph (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Exclusives Auto/Patch (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Exclusives Memorabilia (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Exclusives Dual Auto (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Exclusives Dual Auto/Patch (# to jersey #)
    * Exquisite Exclusives Dual Auto/Memorabilia (# to jersey #)


    Here are some previews for you guys that just can't wait.

  2. Hands

    Hands Active Member

    I wonder who will bust some of those babies :)
  3. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    I wish I had the money. It looks great this year.
  4. HockeyFreak1

    HockeyFreak1 New Member

    my box is coming
  5. Hands

    Hands Active Member

    No kidding? I envy you man :)

    Please do a live break so we can wish ya some mojos :D
  6. HockeyFreak1

    HockeyFreak1 New Member

    hands i will do a live break but probelly wont tape it
  7. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    $500 I think.
  8. Hands

    Hands Active Member

    Good man!! :D
  9. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

  10. TribeBuckeyeFan

    TribeBuckeyeFan Active Member

    You know what I mean - if they marked regular Upper Deck the same way this is marketed, or Ultimate Collection, then the prices of that product would be outrageous. What makes this so much better that one pack is the same price of a case of other stuff? Are they lined with sterling silver? Do you get a redemption for a solid gold bar? No, they are still cards just like all the other products on the market.
  11. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    No acutally I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU MEAN. Your not guarenteed in other boxes what you are with Exquisite. The reason people pay these sometimes crazy prices is because the cost of the box.
  12. HockeyFreak1

    HockeyFreak1 New Member

    its the first time i break exqusuite and may be the last I do not plan on breaking anymore due to how much the stuff is but I will try and buy singles if they are resonable prices I just wanted to break a box of exqusuite at least once, even if the box is bad I wont care
  13. TribeBuckeyeFan

    TribeBuckeyeFan Active Member

    I recently bought a one pack blaster box of 07-08 Luxury Box that guarantees a GU - I pulled a 7-piece GU numbered 8/10. I paid $20. OK, you can maybe pull some super high end items from Exquisite, but your chances are just as good of pulling stuff that in no way would you get your money back. I would rather spend $20 and pull an Andrew Bogut GU then spend $500 and pull an Andrew Bogut GU and a Morris Almond (who?) Rookie Auto Patch. That's my point. I could buy 25 packs of the Luxury Box and get 25 GU (at least, maybe an auto here and there or a plate) for the same $500 that is spent on a pack of Exquisite. Which one is the better deal overall? If you should pull a Lebron/Kobe dual auto (assuming they have one in Exquisite), great, you will make your money back, but how many of those would be available?

  14. Infestacide

    Infestacide New Member

    i might have to do a box of it this year
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