2007 Topps Adrian Peterson Calvin Johnson Dual Auto For Trade

Discussion in 'Football Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Footballcardguy420, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Footballcardguy420

    Footballcardguy420 New Member

  2. vike

    vike New Member

    To me that card looks fake
  3. arod812

    arod812 Active Member

  4. Footballcardguy420

    Footballcardguy420 New Member

    hey thanks for your input guys, i just got this the other day and if it is fake im gonna try and get my money back
  5. Gotbrady12

    Gotbrady12 New Member

    definately get your money back , thats a fake ! Good luck
  6. Footballcardguy420

    Footballcardguy420 New Member

    I Just got in contact with the seller i bought it from and he claims he pulled it from a pack when it busted a case of Topps, i asked for a refund as his listing says refund 7day if not happy but hes tell me to send it in to PSA DNA and if it comes back fake he will give me a full refund. Sounds like a load of crap in my book. Anything i can do guys to make this guy play ball?
  7. arod812

    arod812 Active Member

    file paypal claim
  8. Footballcardguy420

    Footballcardguy420 New Member

    will do, thanks guys for your help
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