2013 Bowman Sterling

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    2013 Bowman Sterling
    Per Box Items:
    6 packs per box
    4 cards per pack
    3 autographed card per pack

    The base cards feature a color action shot of the named player superimposed on a 2 tone chrome and grey background. The set name is centered along the top of the card and the player's name and position at the bottom. The team name is behind the player. The card backs are photo-less. The backs include basic biographical information, career statistics and minor league statistics if available. The autographed cards are similar in design save for the bottom third of the card are designed to fit the autograph.

    What I pulled:
    3 base cards
    1 base card refractor #/199
    1 insert
    1 RC reprint
    13 autographs
    1 autograph refractor #/75
    2 autograph redemption cards

    Base cards, refractor, and inserts:
    Darvish/Trout insert
    Sabathia RC reprint

    Autographs: (not all scanned)
    Danish refractor #/75
    Williams redemption
    Xander Bogaerts redemption


    2013 Bowman Sterling is all about the autos. Autos! Autos!! Autos!!! The card design is clean and sharp. Prospectors will will ripping this product. The autographs are a combination of on-card and sticker. The stickers do not detract from the card however. As always, I have never been a big fan of redemption cards and I pulled two in this box.

    The Bottom Line:
    I give 2013 Bowman Sterling a buy rating. I do not recommend this product for set collectors and most will just want to buy singles they want. If you have the money and like prospecting, buy a box and trade your Tigers to me!

    The Final Score:
    Final Ratings (Out of 10):
    Base set collect-ability: NA
    Big-hit Hunter: 7/10
    Prospector Hunter: 10/10
    Value: 8/10
    Overall Quality: 10/10

    Overall: 35/40 (87.5% = B)

    Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!
  2. camaropat

    camaropat Active Member

    Not bad. On my break I split with a buddy we got a Synderguarrd/D'Arnaud dual auto 1/1, Austin Meadows green auto /125, Tevaras auto, Correa auto, and a couple more decent ones I cant remember. If you get the right box it can be a great resale set, I doubled my money on my half of a box, lol!
  3. tim w

    tim w Member

    what do you need to get for the bogearts?
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