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    Per Box Items:
    8 packs per box
    5 cards per pack
    4 autographs per box
    4 relic cards per box

    Press Pass Sell Sheet

    The 100 cards that make up the base set feature a color a color photograph of the named driver. The card fronts are heavily graphics laden and gold foil that frame the driver. The fronts also have either yellow, blue or red trim to differentiate between Sprint, Nationwide and Camping World series'. The card backs again have heavy graphics that frame a small picture of the drivers car or truck. The backs are also trimmed with a corresponding color depending on the series the driver races in. The card backs also include brief career information and a personal fact or accomplishment of the driver.

    What I Pulled:
    45 unique cards, no duplicates
    17 base set cards = 17/100 = 17% of the base set
    8 die-cut parallels
    12 other inserts
    4 autograph cards
    4 relic cards

    Base card front and back:

    Inserts and Parallels: (not all scanned)
    8 holo-foil die-cat base parallels
    Fan Favorites: 6, 7, 8, 11, 9, 12, 13, 15
    Showtime: 1, 2, 8
    NASCAR HOF 159

    The Hits:
    Trevor Bayne relic #/50
    Brad Sweet sheet metal relic #/50
    Tony Stewart sheet metal relic #/199
    Ty Dillon sheet metal relic #/199
    Brad Sweet auto #/75
    Annabeth Barnes die-cut auto #/99
    Austin Dillon autograph #/10
    Aric Almirola jumbo relic autograph #/10

    ************************************************** **********************

    2013 Press Pass fan fare is another high end racing product. The base cards are are very busy graphic-wise. The design is supposed to draw attention to the driver picture, but I feel that the over the top graphics take away from it. As per usual, the base cards are in alphabetical order by the driver's last name. The autos are on card and are very sharp. The inserts have nice themes. Although I would have like to seen a few less parallels and inserts and a few more base set cards. The only real drawback besides the expensive chase for the base set would be that it could be a hit or miss product. Sometimes you win on a lotto ticket. sometimes you lose. However, with four autographs and four memorabilia cards per box, Fan Fare Racing delivers more hits per box than any other NASCAR release!

    The Bottom Line: I give 2013 Press Pass Fan Fare a shop around rating. Unless you are itching to bust some high end product, buy the singles you want. If you do buy a box and trade your Dale Jr. cards to me!

    The Final Score:
    Final Ratings (Out of 10):
    Base set collect-ability: 2/10
    Big-hit Hunter: 10/10
    Prospector Hunter: NA
    Value: 9/10
    Overall Quality: 8/10

    Overall: 29/40 (72.5% = C)
    The biggest drawback being that you will need several boxes to complete the base set.

    As always I am offering base and insert cards to members here for a SASE.

    Thanks to Press Pass for making this review possible!
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  2. ranbethscards

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    sweet Austin Dillon autograph!!!

    ...and this is very sad...

    Which means... you need to bust a minimum of six (6) boxes to build a complete set of base cards.

    Estimated cost? $720.00

    Or... pick up a complete set off the 'bay for $24.99, plus $6.50 for shipping.
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    That DIllon is nasty, and the patch of his brother is nice in the same box. The Stewart is nice too, its at least 2 color. :)
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