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  1. Taliasen

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    DC comics Super-Villains sheds some light into the dark world of super-villains. Everybody loves a hero and every fan has their favorite caped-crusader and costumed wonder. What do all of these heroes have in common? They all have a an arch emery, or several if you are really good. Where would our heroes be without the villains? I mean what is light without darkness to compare it to? DC Comics Super-Villains answers these questions and proves that sometimes it is good to be bad!

    Information for Cryptozoic:
    For every light, there is a shadow. And some shadows are darker than can be imagined. Those shadows are called Super-Villains.

    Celebrate some of the greatest evil-doers in DC Comics with Super-Villains Trading Cards. Base cards feature comic art by some of the top artists in the industry and copy written by comics veteran Adam Beechen. Collectors can look forward to six exciting chase sets, sketch cards inserted 1:24 packs, Totally Fabricated™ cards featuring "costumes" for some of the leading characters, and even more.

    Key features of the set include:
    • Featuring new and classic art, the base set features the greatest villains from the DC Universe
    • Base card and chase card copy written by comic book writer Adam Beechen
    • Hand-drawn sketch cards—in two card designs—from comic and sketch card artists, inserted 1:24 packs
    Cryptozoic sell sheet

    Each box includes:
    24 packs per box
    5 cards per pack

    What I pulled:
    120 cards
    compete 63 card base set
    11 silver board parallel cards
    1 gold board parallel card #/25
    28 inserts
    1 custom 1/1 sketch card 1:24 packs
    1 oversized Forever Evil box topper (1/box)
    1 1/1 printing plate 1/288 packs

    Base cards:

    Sirens inert set:
    Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman

    Noir insert set:

    Forever Evil insert set:


    Silver base and insert parallels:

    Crime Syndicate insert set, gold parallel,
    and Batman Classic TV series Cryptomium Reissue cards (1:24 packs)


    Forever Evil box topper variant: 1 per box

    1/1 Sketch card: 1:24 packs
    Reverse Flash

    1/1 Black Printing Plate: 1/288 packs


    For as much as everyone has their favorite hero, they also have their favorite, or at least most memorable, villain. Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains. For as much as a 'fan-boy' that I consider myself, I must admit that I did not recognize all of the forces of darkness in this set, even with many characters having appeared in TV series lately. I always love pulling a compete set in a single box! Although there are a lot of inserts included, the collation was perfect and I was able to complete all of the sub-sets. The silver and gold parallels will be a fun chase. The 1/1 sketch card is really sharp. The scan does not due the vibrant coloring justice. Printing plates are nothing new to the hobby, but I have never seen a 1/1 printing plate with this much detail! Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains will appeal to set collectors, comic book fiends and fan-boys everywhere!
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  2. redwing40

    redwing40 Active Member

    Those look cool, I like the Nior inserts, thanks for sharing
  3. camaropat

    camaropat Active Member

    OMG! Those are SWEET! I haven't even heard of these yet. :) Was there any doubles? I just recently got into comics (started the 2000 Harley Quinn and 1980 The New Teen Titans).

    Tim, if any of these are available (and Im guessing not :( ), I need the Quinn, Ivy, Catwoman Sirens, and anything else Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, , and any cheap stuff of deathstroke and The Joker you got. I have no idea on this set so lmk what you would need on them if you are willing to part with some. Im VERY interested in getting anything Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, I may just have to get a box myself when I can afford it, LOL!
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  4. CardsforLife

    CardsforLife Member

    Poison Ivy is probably my favorite card out of the set. Not in a perverted way though.
  5. curtis

    curtis New Member

    Wow this is awesome. When it comes to DC or Marvel characters I have always been a DC fan. I feel that without the super villains the super heroes would be meaningless. By far my favorite super villain is 'Brainiac' which the picture for it is amazing.
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  6. Owjeez

    Owjeez New Member

    Wow!!! These are too good to be true. :woot::woot: Are these available online? I have a friend who is a huge fan of DC characters. I would let him take a look at these treasures. For sure his eyes will drool..
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  7. Tonivir

    Tonivir New Member

    Wow. Although Im a huge fan of Marvel Comics. This struck my attention. This supper-villains are amazing, my nephew would love to buy this one. And thank you for the complete info on your description. I loved it! More DC this year I think.
  8. pantaleonjayson

    pantaleonjayson New Member

    Wow! It is a huge list of DC Super Villains. They make the life ot our superheroes miserable and make the story more exciting.
  9. Marako

    Marako New Member

    That's nice! I just feel that I need to collect DC, and Marvel collectible cards as well. Those you got there are really nice. I really hope I could get my hands on some like the crime syndicate set you have. I am gonna do my research on this and hopefully I could buy it online in my country cause of cheap shipping.
  10. Nouman Najeeb

    Nouman Najeeb New Member

    Very nice collection. I am super Excited
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