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    2015 Topps Opening Day

    Per Box Items:
    36 packs per box
    7 cards per box

    2015 Topps Opening Day is similar to 2015 Topps Series One with the addition of the 'Opening Day' logo. The card fronts feature a color action shot of the player. The picture is 'framed' with a complementary team color pin stripe. The border is a stylized gradient of the team primary color to white from bottom to top. The Topps logo is in either the top right or left corner depending on picture. The player name, team name, position, and Team logo are all located on the bottom border of the card. The card backs are photo-less and are all in horizontal layout. The backs contain a fair amount of biographical information, complete career statistics and career highlights or player quote. The team name, logo, and player position are again available on the card back. the color scheme of the back is similar to that of the front.

    What I pulled:
    199 base set cards 199/200
    5 base duplicates
    8 blue parallels
    39 inserts

    Base card front and back:

    Inserts and Parallels: (Not all scanned)


    Just in time for opening week is 2015 Topps opening day! Very similar to 2015 Topps One, Opening Day offers us some first looks at players on their new teams but all with the fun and excitement that comes with Opening Day! As usual Topps loads their product with tons of inserts. My favorite two being 'Stadium Scenes' and 'Superstar Celebrations.' The former depicting the ballpark from a fans perspective and the latter
    showing candid, 'real' moments of on-the-field celebrations. There are also a handful of of hard to pull variations. That being said though, my biggest complaint is that there are too many inserts. Pretty much 1/5 of the box was not a base card, thus leading to the near perfect collation. 199 out of 200 base set cards? Topps could not have included one less duplicate in order to complete the set in the box? Anyway this was a very fun rip and a perfect start to the begining of the playing and collecting seasons! Buy a box and trade your Tigers to me!

    The Bottom Line:
    I give 2015 Topps Opening Day a buy rating. This will appeal mostly to set collectors. You sould be able to pull a complete set from just one box.

    The Final Score:
    Final Ratings (Out of 5):
    Base set collect-ability: 5/5
    Big-hit Hunter: NA
    Prospector Hunter: 3/5
    Overall Design: 5/5
    Fun: 5/5
    Value: 4/5
    Re-buy: 4/5
    Overall Quality: 4/5

    Overall: 35/40 (87%5) = B

    Thanks to Topps for making this review possible!

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    nice looking product. I think if a father (or mother!) wanted to get their child involved with baseball card collecting this would be a nice little set to start with. if nothing else the child would show interest in collecting the "mascot" cards, while the parent was putting the base set together.
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