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    Everything in the pic for $25 Paypal DELIVERED! Works out to around $1.65 each once I pay to ship them. I had unexpected car bills and my 6 year old ends up with a bag of mush when she tries to carry lunch (yeah, she's a bookbag swinger)! Thanks and enjoy! BHD is 3 DVDs, NLV is 2, J+SBSB is 2, PF is UNRATED Edit, FF is 2 Disc Sp Edit. So there are actually 10DVDs total. Both video games have no scratches and original booklets and cases. 126_0346.JPG
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    Lily, best of luck with your sale, but like all the other trading sites, asking for paypal gift is frowned upon by the staff here, and strongly discouraged. We will not be able to help anyone who enters a deal paid for by the gift function should things go bad.
  3. NattyBoo

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    Only reason I asked Troy is because some dufus on Ebay screwed up my Paypal account and now they hold all my money for 14 days after the item is RECEIVED. I have $300 in there, and not a cent to my name until Sept 5.
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    Just add a buck, or two to your price to cover the fees. I do a lot of fantasy leagues with $20 buy-ins, and the fees on $20 is .88 cents, so $25 should be just over a dollar. I hear you about the holding money part. I've never had a neg on there in over 10 years, and they still made me sell 25 items with the feedback recieved, or wait 21 days, before they'd release the funds to me. Glad I don't have to do that any more. I'm not picking on you, it's just we as a staff want to keep the paypal gift out of the transactions here, and if people decide to ignore our wishes, we want it to be clear that we will not be able to help them recoup any funds should things turn out fo the worst.
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    This looks like a great deal but unfortunately, I too am financially embarrassed right now. Have you ever tried to sell movies to Exclusive Company? Maybe that is a local joint, not sure. Good luck with that lunch box swinger!
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