3 Box NFL Topps Finest Group Break

Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by bhelser, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Pack 1

    DeAngelo Williams CAR
    Champ Bailey DEN
    Steve Smith Refractor RC NYG
    Chad Jackson Green Refractor Finest Moments #'d 38/199 NE
    Brady Quinn RC CLE
  2. Wise4671

    Wise4671 New Member

    yeah wheres the favre flight cards :)
  3. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Pack 2

    Larry Fitzgerald ARI
    Alex Smith SF
    Drew Stanton Refractor Finest Moments RC DET
    Robert Meachem RC NO
    Gaines Adams RC TB
  4. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Pack 3

    DeShaun Foster CAR
    Peyton Manning IND
    Clinton Portis WAS
    Champ Bailey Green Refractor #'d 103/199 DEN
    John Beck RC MIA
  5. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Pack 4

    Joseph Addai IND
    Muhsin Muhammad CHI
    Terrell Owens Black Refractor #'d 61/99 DAL
    Drew Stanton Finest Moments RC DET
    Lorenzo Booker RC MIA
  6. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Pack 5

    Rudi Johnson CIN
    Roy Williams DET
    JP Losman BUF
    Leon Hall RC CIN
    Drew Stanton RC DET
  7. 0264

    0264 Member

  8. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member


    Matt Hasselbeck SEA
    Warrick Dunn ATL
    Gaines Adams RC AUTO TB
    Steve Smith RC NYG
    Chris Henry RC TEN
  9. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Overall a middle of the road break....nothing spectacular.....but it can always be worse.....Thanks everyone!

    I am going to get these packaged tonight & tomorrow and get them out on Friday so you should all have them before Turkey day!
  10. oglesbyc

    oglesbyc New Member

    thanks forthe break brandon looking forward to the next one

  11. Wise4671

    Wise4671 New Member

    Thank You for the break Brandon it was alot of fun and will for sure get in on the next one if I find out about it in time.
  12. coltstopps

    coltstopps New Member

    WOW - I know I wont be getting any Finest boxes.. LOL - sure have lots of doubles and triples etc ... course thats pretty much with all the products these days.

    Thanks for the break!

    I did pretty good with the Cardinals and the Texans - not so hot with the Jaguars. Anyone see anything they just have to have PM me !!!
  13. 0264

    0264 Member

    Thanks, Brandon
  14. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Everything is all packaged, and will be going out tomorrow!!
  15. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    Great job Brandon! :)
  16. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member


    HOW DOES THOSE 5000 Points look now Adam?!
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