3 Box NFL Topps Finest Group Break

Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by bhelser, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Sorry Pejarox7620, I have already purchased the boxes. The break should be soon!
  2. spud77

    spud77 Active Member

    Thanks! I appreciate that. I should have the paypal very soon. :)
  3. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    sounds good
  4. Pejarox7620

    Pejarox7620 New Member

    oh ok...its fine! Come on 49ers MOJO!
  5. hornsfan92

    hornsfan92 #1 vince young collector

    where did the other break go??!?! since i couldn't get in on this one i would liek to get in on the other..
  6. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    The other break will be back at a later date

    Teams remaining

    Still waiting for payments from
    Ravens - stanandgee
    Patriots - spud77
  7. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Lets go Freaks!! Lets get this broken this weekend!! I want that Brady Quinn Auto. I know someone very deserving of that!!
  8. oglesbyc

    oglesbyc New Member

    if interested in buying the vikings shoot me a pm with an offer and it can be had if i sell i will buy some of the other teams

  9. coltstopps

    coltstopps New Member

    Ill take the 3 for 40 deal ... + I'll take the Vikings at $20 - if you want out of that one. ;)

    Texans, Jaguars, Cardinals ... confirm and let me know where to send the payment and its a done deal.
  10. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    I have you down for the Texans, Jaguars, & Cardinals

    PM sent for payment
  11. coltstopps

    coltstopps New Member

    Thanks - payment sent - figured I could help get this contest started.

    Maybe you can break this weekend after all ....
  12. 0264

    0264 Member

    Payment sent for the Saints.
  13. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    rec'd and updated
  14. Wise4671

    Wise4671 New Member

    Any Idea when the break is going to happen?
  15. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    I just rec'd word that the box should be here on Tuesday.....if it is left on my porch while I am at work we will do the break on Tuesday, if it is not, I will pick it up Wednesday and then we will do the break!
  16. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Well-Known Member

    If spud77 doesn't take the Patriots, I'll take them over. Only if he can't buy break time.
  17. ljmaya

    ljmaya New Member

    I might want the Patriots also Leafs maybe we can have a raffle for the Pats.

  18. r2thej

    r2thej New Member

    well, i guess since no one is taking the bengals, put me down for them, i'll send payment monday morning, thanks.
  19. spud77

    spud77 Active Member

    Should have the paypal today or tomorrow AM. I need to sell a card for 4-5 bucks :)
  20. stevesokol21

    stevesokol21 New Member

    so are we breakin tonight?
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