4 Box Pre Birthday Break .... VERY VERY NICE!

Discussion in 'Football Buy/Sell/Trade' started by rogers dad, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    Since I won't be able to see my crack dealer til after my birthday, decided to treat myself before then. Opened the following:

    1 2008 UD Masterpiece
    1 2008 UD Sp Authentic
    2 2009 Topps Magic

    All will be ft/fs. Onto the break:

    UD Masterpiece

    Time Warp - P. Manning/J. Unitas
    SP RC's - Desean Jackson, Glenn Dorsey
    Black Framed Parallel's - J. Simpson rc, J. Booty rc, D. Keller rc, D. Flutie
    Red Framed /199 - T. Owens
    Blue Framed /150 - Vince Lombardie
    Blue Framed /50 - Scott Norwood

    John David Booty Jersey
    Dallas Clark Jersey
    Desean Jackson RC Autograph


    SP Authentic

    Base Rc's:
    106 B. Cottam
    151 T. Decoud
    153 T. Zbikowski
    164 T. Branch

    215 D.J. Hall RC Auto /1199
    243 Jonathan Goff RC Auto /999
    289 Kevin O'connell RAP 3clr Autograph Patch /999


    Topps Magic Box 1 (worst)

    Mini's: Flacco, Marcus Smith, Fasano, Royal, Demetrius Williams, M. Bush, Mayo, Hester, James Jones, Flynn, Shonn Greene, Carpenter, Maclin, Keller, Trent Edwards, Bowe, Felix Jones, Dexter Jackson

    Mini SP: Marlin Jackson, Brad Smith

    Black Border Mini: Jacob Hester, Jordan Palmer, Michael Crabtree

    Black Border Mini SP: Robert Meachem

    '48 Magic - 2006 Insight Bowl, Berlin Blockage, Crabtree, 2009 National Champ game, Mccoy, E. Campbell

    All American - L. Tomlinson, Campbell, K. Smith

    Alumni - Stafford/Moreno, Desean Jackson/Lynch

    Nate Davis Autograph
    Scott Chandler Autograph
    Anthony Fasano Autograph


    That Hurt

    Topps Magic Box 2 (BETTER)

    Mini's: Chad Johnson, D. Hall, Desean Jackson, Morreno, Hixon, Troy Smith, Rivers, Clayton, T. Jones, V. Jackson, Coffman, White, Kevin Smith, Adams, V. Young, A. SMith, S. Hutchinson, Maroney, Randel El

    Mini SP: Deangelo Willams, Janikowski

    Black Border Mini: Moats, Mcgahee

    Black Border Mini SP: Owen Schmidt

    '48 Magic - Chris Johnson, 2009 Fiesta Bowl, Executive Order, 2008 Capital One Bowl, Dan Marino, 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Maclin

    All American - Marino, P. Manning, M. Ryan

    Alumni - S. Jackson/Chad Johnson, Addai/Bowe

    Matt Flynn AUtograph
    Eric Dickerson Autograph


    And This Bad Boy

    Everything is available except for the Magic Base. Once I figure out what I need base wise, doubles will be for trade.

    LMK how I did!!
  2. kbritt

    kbritt MUST SEND FIRST

  3. iLikePie

    iLikePie New Member

    I could use the Dickerson. :)

    Great Breaks!
  4. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    sorry.. unless you got some new fb since my last thread.. nothing I needed.
  5. Prosper

    Prosper New Member

    Nice breaks and.........

    Happy :happybirthday: Birthday!!!!
  6. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

    Hey bud, I could use the dual Stafford/Moreno please check my tradelist for it. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  7. tikitomoka

    tikitomoka New Member

    i could use the magic autos from the first break
  8. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    I can use your Peerman and Brandon Jacobs autos. LMK
  9. Willage

    Willage New Member

    what bv you putting on the stafford/moreno? cmb for it.
  10. GotGibson?

    GotGibson? New Member

    Nice breaks! What value do you have on the Nate Davis?
  11. TeamKansas

    TeamKansas New Member

    Happry B-day and congrats on the Stafford/Moreno. LMK if I have ahything for the Dickerson auto. Thanks
  12. BostonSucks7

    BostonSucks7 New Member

    I need the Georgia Dual
  13. atrain2004

    atrain2004 New Member

    dickerson and the dual thx
  14. Indiansfanatic13

    Indiansfanatic13 New Member

    what does the dickerson book or is it N/A
  15. vike

    vike New Member

    I can use the dual auto. Will trade high for it
  16. Moosehead

    Moosehead HALL OF FAME FREAK

    I can use the Desean Jackson.
  17. bib22

    bib22 New Member

  18. bwalker17

    bwalker17 New Member

    like the dickerson and nate davis
  19. trpzz

    trpzz New Member

    please check my tradelist, like the eric dickerson auto.
  20. jaydouble

    jaydouble New Member

    :party3: nice you did pretty good in every box.hellofa way to kick off a birthday!congrats and from now on your picking my boxes!HAPPY BDAY:box:
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