6 Packs of SPA!!! PULL OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by A'sfan11, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. A'sfan11

    A'sfan11 New Member

    You guys really think I could get in beckett for this??????? I mean were people going this nuts over the same card of Durant and Oden last year?
  2. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    I was in beckett for my jordan auto pull last year.

    You will be in beckett FOR SURE!!
  3. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

    Any Autographed Logoman of the top rookies is always a huge card for many.
  4. A'sfan11

    A'sfan11 New Member

    Thanks man. What Jordan auto did you pull? Thats Awesome.
  5. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    WOW AMAZING! great to have it found here on FREAKS :)! lol
  6. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Look who is on the Sports Card freaks Front Home Page?
  7. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    Sick hits!

    That Rose is sweet! He is no doubt my boy, haha.

    PM sent!
  8. iLikePie

    iLikePie New Member

    Great Hits!! Congrats!!
  9. Seanboy24

    Seanboy24 The Hibby Hibby Shakes

    Holy Cow!!! Congrats man, you've hit the lottery!!!
  10. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

    Throw it on ebay ASAP. Product is HOT and no other product is out there right now to compete with the card. ITs the only Logoman of Rose at the moment. By end of season there will be like 7 of them.

    Put it on ebay for BIN Best off Fixed listing for $3,999. Someone will offer you $2200 or better, take it and run!!!
    People on this site and other sites might lowball you. Stick to your price and get cash!! Nothing less than $2000.
  11. T-Wolves32

    T-Wolves32 New Member

    For anyone who has told you that OJ Mayo is playing better than Derrick Rose hasn't watched much of either of these guys play. Sure, OJ Mayo is scoring more points, but Rose is a more complete player and is wise-beyond his years. This kid is going to be a star for many years.

    If you don't collect basketball that much, I too suggest sticking this on the bay with a HUGE BIN and let the offers roll in.
  12. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    I agree with this 1000000% IF you take less you are getting robbed...
  13. msriflegirl

    msriflegirl New Member

    WOW...thats awesome /jealous ;)

    I look forward to seeing you in Beckett soon...lol

  14. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

    There are so many people that will take advantage of him because he doesnt collect basketball and probably doesnt understand that he has one of the hottest cards in the market at the moment. The OP even stated that he doesnt even break basketball.

    I dont want him getting ripped off. I know people will offer this and that knowing full well that its garbage in the marketplace. Trying to flip him a jordan auto that can be had for $200 now but saying its worth $5000 BV by beckett.

    Hell if the sell wants to dump the card cheap, just pm me.. Ill probably pay more then some of these bums. But i dont collect anymore. :)

    Or Consign the card to be sold on ebay. Give to someone you trust on the site and have them sell it for you if your ebay feedback isnt good!!

    Whatever the case.. Make the best of it without selling yourself short. But do it soon!! Just list it on ebay and youll see how much people will pay you.
  15. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Great Advice OJ!
  16. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    MY opinion... BUY IT NOW with best offer of $4500+ I mean hell that is what the guy that sold the BOWMAN logoman of Rose did... and he got some NICE offers I think as OJ said before you will get offers of $2000+

    do NOT take a trade for this card LOL I mean.. thats just nuts ..as there isnt a card out there that you wont be able tobuy once you sell this one....LOL SELL SELL SELL lol!!!!!!!!! Keep us informed and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
  17. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

    I changed my mind. You shouldnt get less than $2500 for that card on a quick sell.

    Chrome Ref /3 Sold for $650.

    2008/09 Chrome Red Refractor auto - Derrick Rose # 3/3 - eBay (item 360125188990 end time Jan-25-09 19:49:45 PST)

    Spectrum /25 sold for $500
    2008-09 UD SPX DERRICK ROSE RC AUTO PATCH SPECTRUM /25 - eBay (item 390028231379 end time Feb-01-09 18:18:43 PST)

    Deron during an off year sold for $2700
    DERON WILLIAMS 05-06 Ultimate LOGOMAN Rookie AUTO 1/1 - eBay (item 270336508180 end time Feb-01-09 10:04:46 PST)

    Rose being the hottest player, #1 draft pick and the hottest product to date? Its a no brainer
  18. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    the 08-09 Derrick Rose Bowman Draft Day logoman sold recently and I cant find it...

    I know it went for a good amount though.. i am searching for the sale... it WAS on ebay... I think THAT is a good place to start... but THIS bing SPA is SIGNIFICANTLY more valuable!
  19. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

  20. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    yea NO WAY you should take less! the SPA is WAYYYYYYYYY better than the Bowman... yea that guy over paid a LITTLE, but $3000+ is NOT out of the realm of possibilities for YOUR card!

    come on man that card is WEAK NUT compared to yours

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