6 Packs of SPA!!! PULL OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by A'sfan11, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. XisXis9

    XisXis9 New Member

    This card is astounding!!! You were absolutely right to start it with a price of $9,999.99!!! I would much rather have this card than 9 cases of SPA 2008-09, it's the best card out of BB all year!!! :party3: :box: :confused: :eek: :confused: :party3: :box:
  2. Bryan_Mc

    Bryan_Mc HockeyJonesin'

    24 offers, you truly did hit the lottery

    well done!
  3. Bryan_Mc

    Bryan_Mc HockeyJonesin'

    what was the verdict?
  4. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    I wish I knew.
  5. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    any news?????
  6. heath23

    heath23 New Member

    That Is A Sick Card, And I Hope You Get The Big $$$ For It. The Bulls Have Too Many Of The Same Type Player Right Now, So Until They Trade Away A Couple Guys, Rose Will Always Be Held Back. Get The Money And Run.
  7. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

  8. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    I sent you a pm. Let me know.

  9. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    Any Update On This???
  10. oriolesfan

    oriolesfan New Member

    a great pull
  11. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    Who knows....

    Scott has lost all communication with me. I would really like to know too :(
  12. getfacedbyme

    getfacedbyme New Member

    31 offers? what happened?
  13. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    They were all declined, even when he accepted my offer. This guy said I could have the card on two different occasions. I wish I knew who got it since I didn't after thinking I had, lol.
  14. tikitomoka

    tikitomoka New Member

    wow apperently, he's lost it lol. first that group break, and now that
  15. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

    He probably sold it to the highest offer. You possibly lowballed him. How much did you offer him? $900?
  16. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    like it's your business

    Excuses me, but my offer was very fair. I have been communicating with the seller since the day he pulled the card. To be honest, my highest offer was $4,000! Do you think that is a lowball offer?!
  17. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

    $4000 cash? Or a bunch of cards assumed value of $4000 and cash mix? Big difference when people offer you a bunch of cards and you put a sell value of $4000 or so on.

    Im sure for $4000 cash he would have sold it to you if that was his highest offer. But it seems he had a higher offer if he hasnt sold the card to you. Its only in his best interest to sell the card to the highest offer to maximize profits.
  18. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Why would he want to do a cash/trade deal? That doesn't make much sense to me... Seems like he would be hooking up whoever got the card. If he got anything over a 3,000 dollar CASH offer, then he should have jumped on it.
  19. orangejello727

    orangejello727 New Member

    Thats the question im asking UltimateDeron. Did he offer $4,000 Cash? Or some sort of card/cash mix deal? Because honestly, trying to pawn off a measly jordan auto into the trade while considering it to be wroth $1000 BV is almost like trying to rip the guy off.

    Im sure if the deal was $4k cash, he would have taken it.
  20. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Well unless the cards are for his PC, It wouldn't make any sense to make the deal. Now he would have another 5-10 cards to try to sell for the max profit, instead of just one..
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