6 Packs of SPA!!! PULL OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by A'sfan11, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. tlw9191

    tlw9191 New Member

    Yes but the person who pulled it is a thief so by leaving it open you run the risk of someone else falling for his scheme. It also makes it look like this site promotes people who scam on box breaks.
  2. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    So it did sell for $4,500? To who, do we know?


    just send me a pm, if you want :)
  3. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    I agree with ALL of you... THIS thread should STAY and be discussed... the "pull" the "sale" and the "BREAK" are QUESTIONABLE at best
  4. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    Exactly! I think we should hear from the seller. Where is he?
  5. 0Braun8

    0Braun8 New Member

    Hmmm, another country?
  6. 0Braun8

    0Braun8 New Member

    No clue
  7. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

  8. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Ill say it again, this isn't a bash thread Rick.
  9. HiEnd

    HiEnd New Member

    Little late to the party,but I agree with the last few posts. Can't see an actual cash offer being turned down,if it was anything involving a bunch of cards and some cash,then he's right not to take it
  10. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member

    I don't recall bashing anyone! Why the hell would you edit my post!

    I think by editing my post you are in some form or another bashing what I said!
  11. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    nope. His Group break has nothing to do about the amazing pull this kid had. You know where it was headed.
  12. UltimateDeron

    UltimateDeron New Member


    The member you are talking about has a no trading at all tag by his name...
  13. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Allright, Locking the thread. If you want to complain, PM someone.

    The disputes with this member have been worked on, and handled. The guy has a new tag by his name, if you haven't noticed.

    The thread isn't for you to come in here and complain about not getting the card you want, every day..
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