all baseball must go

Discussion in 'Baseball Buy/Sell/Trade' started by DolphinFan2010, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    Please check bucket
  2. cranium1313

    cranium1313 New Member

    what ryan howard do you have there?
  3. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    it is 2004 playoff prestige xtra bases ryan howard auto serial number 20/100
  4. cranium1313

    cranium1313 New Member

    anything in my bucket you might like for that. what's the BV?
  5. oldschool

    oldschool New Member

    i'll get in kine for the howard and also like the wright

    can you use any of these

    eddie royal #/25 2008 score red zone auto BV $50

    joseph addai 2006 donruss classis #/25 rookie auto BV $60

    2008 upper deck premier quad gamused auto eddie royal BV $25

    2003 SPX larry johnson rookie gameused auto BV $50

    2008 Cadillac Williams Premier Penmanship Gold auto # 25/25 BV $30

    2008 SP rookie edition jonathan stewart rookie auto BV $30

    2005 bowman frank gore rookie auto BV $60

    2001 topps archives billy kilmer auto bv $30 (vintage player)

    santana moss 2002 prime signatures auto BV $40

    tarvaris jackson 2006 sp authntic rookie auto gameused bv $25

    reggie williams 2004 4 color patch auto bv $30

    josh freeman 2009 heries on card rookie auto bv $30

    matt moore 2007 contenders rookie ticket auto bv $40
  6. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    sorry nothing i need thanks
  7. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    aorry nothing i need
  8. dscards

    dscards New Member

    Any interest in this:

    I'd really like the Ryan Braun, but also like:
    Ryan Howard and David Wright
  9. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    i can use it, lmk what you want to do

    ryan braun auto bv 40
    ryan howard is 50
    david wright auto is 59
  10. dscards

    dscards New Member

    Any chance you know the BV on the Stafford?
  11. twins2008nathan

    twins2008nathan New Member

    cmb on braun ginter
  12. dscards

    dscards New Member

  13. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    i just check it was 100
  14. dscards

    dscards New Member

    Could we do the Braun and the Howard ($90 BV) for the Stafford ($100)
  15. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    i like the josh hamilton topps auto
  16. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    I 'll pass, not really into sage products
  17. dscards

    dscards New Member

    Alright. Could we do either and something smaller? Or I could add to get both.
  18. DolphinFan2010

    DolphinFan2010 New Member

    what else do you have
  19. dscards

    dscards New Member

  20. Bluedevil19

    Bluedevil19 New Member

    I got some dolphins in my bucket check em out!
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