*** ALLOWED! Member Ran Contest - a MUST read for all members

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    Contests - Members MAY hold sports cards contest in the forums without first contacting an Administrator or Moderator.

    Prizes MUST be in the members hands who is running the contest. No "cards are incoming" allowed and must be pictured with the contest and all rules.

    It is recommended that, due to cost of shipping, you ask members entering your contest to have a U.S. address. (This is up to the member running the contest).

    NOTE: Sports Card Club, it's owner, Administrators or Moderators will not be responsible for delivery of contest prizes in member held contests.
  2. judyd

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    Can I ask what types of contests have been held in the past? What kind of restrictions (other than asking permission) would be on a contest? Generally, contest involve a main prize and require a lot of people to participate. Have the previous contests been successful, or have they received any complaints or negative reviews?
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  3. redwing40

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    I did a Guess the number contest till it was hi jacked by members who thought they should add their own rules to ones Contest. I didn't do another one after that.

    But Contest that are ran by MODs are fun but not enough members to join in, like with me, just 4 member's guessing the number isn't really a contest.

    Hopefully they will have some simple and easy Contest for you to join in on. :)
  4. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    we have updated the rule for member ran contest... any member can have a contest... just make sure you know who you are dealing with before entering... and read ALL the rules posted with the contest.

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