Amazing Autographed Memorabilia at 2013 All Star FanFest Jackie Robinson Ruth Mantle etc!

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    I went to the 2013 MLB All Star Fan Fest in New York City and had a great time. i have two different videos i recorded of some of the most amazing and unique items you will ever see!

    In a section of the fan fest was dedicated to autographed memorabilia. I couldnt believe my eyes when i saw autographed baseballs of BABE RUTH, JACKIE ROBINSON, AND MICKEY MANTLE right next to each other in one display case!!! It was amazing and these are such significant parts of MLB History! You probably wont ever see this anywhere else!

    There was a section dedicated to the history of baseball. I walked through and was stunned to see a big glass display case in front of me. I looked and it was a jersey worn by JACKIE ROBINSON! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES!

    I had to take out my phone and take videos so everyone could see! Please check them out below and enjoy! I would definitely suggest that if you ever have the opportunity to go to a fanfest you do it! it is a lot of fun and a great experience!
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    a couple of great videos to watch... thank you for sharing!
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    Sounds like you enjoyed it a lot. I'm guessing you'll be going back again first chance you get lol
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    glad you enjoyed!
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