Any interest in these autographs?

Discussion in 'Baseball Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Nykerry43, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Nykerry43

    Nykerry43 Member

    Melky Cabrera... on a '95 Bowman but with a tag stating '06 Bow. Originals

    Miguel Cabrera... '07 Upper Deck Clear Cut Elements (also w/uni swatch)

    Matt Holiday... '07 Bowman's Best Certified

    Todd Helton... '98 Donruss Signature Series

    Cliff Lee... '05 Upper Deck Signs of Stardom

    Justin Upton... on a '95 Bowman Aflac but with a sticker stating '06 Bow. Originals

    Delmon Young... '04 Donruss Lumber Cuts, Leather & Lumber

    So I'm looking for autographed cards in return. I'd prefer current players. Possibly Yankees... And I'm fine with HOF sigs. or GU as a possible trade, if it is an interesting player, to me...
  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards Insane Moderator... waiting for NASCAR Products Moderator

    are any of these numbered? and if so.. .which and the number?
  3. Guy451

    Guy451 Member

    Are you looking for anything in particular? I'm interested in the Miguel Cabrera
  4. ersportcards

    ersportcards Active Member

    Look me for this two cards;

    Miguel Cabrera... '07 Upper Deck Clear Cut Elements (also w/uni swatch)
    Todd Helton... '98 Donruss Signature Series

    LMK Thanks
  5. Nykerry43

    Nykerry43 Member


    Ranbethcards: 4 are numbered... Delmon Young #214/222, Miguel Cabrera #168/299, Upton #305/100, Melky Cabrera #197/606

    ersportcards: I did see the Tulo autographed cards.... I'll go back and look again...

    Guy 451: I did mention what I'm interested in, in my post...
  6. ersportcards

    ersportcards Active Member

  7. Nykerry43

    Nykerry43 Member

    ersportcards... I have gone back and looked around a while... Still only found the Tulo... Unless you can suggest something, that appears to be the only card of interst
  8. ersportcards

    ersportcards Active Member

    Name some players and I will look!!
  9. Nykerry43

    Nykerry43 Member

    Hey ersportcards,

    Rizzo and Lake with the Cubs, Archer, Longoria, Price with the Rays, Machado with the Orioles, Trout with the Angles, McCutchen with the Pirates, Nova or Cano with the Yankees... I'm open to others as well... lmk...
  10. ersportcards

    ersportcards Active Member

    Sorry nothing on those Guys, thanks Anyway!
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