Anyone else feel like this NFL season has been terrible?

Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by thajayz, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    I haven't enjoyed any of the matchups that I've seen except the Packers v 49ers game in week 1. Maybe my market is getting bad games but I can say that the prime time games have been horrible. The Thursday night matchups have all been sloppy and boring. The Sunday Night games and Monday Night games have all been either average or well below average. Does anyone else feel like the sport is regressing? I remember it being much more entertaining 5 to 10 years ago.
  2. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

    4 undefeated teams? possibly the best performances of three QB at the same time ever in the game? Manning, Brees, Brady? Lions 3-1 in 1st place in the division? Pretty good season so far by me.
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  3. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    Quite a few "nail biters"... so I give this season a B+ ... but so close to an "A"!
  4. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    I agree that Manning is tearing it up. But those games are blowouts and not that much fun to watch. My local market has been getting cruddy games all season long. I get a lot of Giants, Jets and Bills games. These teams are terrible! The entire AFC East is terrible. None of them will make it out of the second round and only the Patriots will even make it to the second round. You have to give Brady massive credit for performing as he has this year. His weapons are so sub-par.
  5. BradHemphill

    BradHemphill New Member

    I've enjoyed the season so far, admittedly largely because my team (Cardinals) still hasn't ruined their season. Yet! I like the fact that the NFL always has a surprise or two. When my Cards or 2-6 I'll be hating this season as well.
  6. TimmyH6

    TimmyH6 Guest

    I have "NFL Sunday Ticket" so can tell you first hand that this season is lacking. Usually during the fourth quarter of games, I'm turning back and forth or staying on the game mix channel trying to catch some fantastic finishes. So far, this has not been the case in 2013.

    The Thursday night games are the result of teams not being ready to play on a short week early in the season. I feel that there should only be Thursday games on opening night and Thanksgiving. The league should go back to Saturday afternoon games after Thanksgiving like they used to.

    The other reason why this season is lacking is, because these teams just aren't that good. There is a difference between teams being competitive and good. Free agency does not allow teams to stock themselves with talent so when a front line player goes down, the whole team suffers.

    I love the NFL and wish that I could say it has been good this year, but must agree with thajyz on this one. It's not your market man. It's everywhere.
  7. Asport

    Asport New Member

    I think that the season has a few highlight spots with the quarterbacks and some unexpected teams doing better then usual. However, as far as having tough, nail biting, smack down defense to the last seconds of the game; well haven't seen much of that at all. Most games are blowouts, defense is horrible all around, and the games are just not fun to watch. I know most people like all the offense and big numbers, but I enjoy watching a good defense crush an offense. I do not believe that I will be able to watch much of that this season.
  8. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    I'd like to see more close games that come down to the last play or two. I am not sure that I've seen that at all this year. It is happening less and less in both the NFL and college football. I also love the hard hitting of the defense. That's part of why I watch football. I just want some drama to these games. I've fallen asleep enough so far this season. Keep me awake!

    I am glad that you agree wit me. I would only get the NFL Sunday Ticket if I had a lot of TV's and reception boxes. Otherwise it is too costly and you have to keep switching between the channels. They should definitely scrap the mid-week games or only have them between teams that are coming off of bye weeks.

    Well this week turned out fabulously if you watched the Dallas v Denver game. I thought that was epic all the way around. Romo really tore me apart in fantasy football but I had a blast watching that game. It has certainly been the most entertaining one of the year.
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  9. TimmyH6

    TimmyH6 Guest

    Though the price has gone up, believe it or not "Sunday Ticket" pays for itself, especially if you are a fan of a team outside of your area. I mean I can go to an NFL game and spend almost as much as I do on a whole season of "Sunday Ticket". And you don't have to switch channels with a big screen TV and the game mix channel. Just go to it, find out which game is the most exciting at that moment, click on it and stay there or go to the channel.

    The Dallas-Denver game was okay, but too many points for me. I have always thought that touchdowns should be hard earned in football. One of my favorite Super Bowls ever is number XLII, because the final score was 17-14. The Giants and Patriots had to earn everything that they got in that game. Both defenses were on their game and every down meant something.

    In my eyes, yesterday's game was basketball played on turf. I understand why the new rules have been put in, but they have led to a little too much scoring at times. This is one of the reasons why I never compare today's quarterbacks to those who played before the rules changes. It's far more a passing game now than when I grew up.

    Still, yesterday was the first Sunday in which I felt that I was watching a semblance of quality NFL football.
  10. TABL

    TABL New Member

    I agree! Although I am unable to watch many games, I do hear about them. We like the Giants in our house, and I hate hearing that they've lost another game! So disappointing! I also like the Dolphins, and I'm pretty used to them not doing so well. But the Giants! I just bought my son a Manning jersey over the summer, and he can't even wear it!
  11. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    Those Dolphins are looking real good. They will make the playoffs but lose in the first or second round. All they need is a few more defenders and they will be a true contender. I know that linebacker is out, the guy who came over from the CFL. I forgot his name. But he's a good player. I really like Tannehill's potential.
  12. thajayz

    thajayz Member

    Timmy H,

    I won't quote your post because it is too long. Yes, the NFL is becoming very physical basketball that is not played on the hardwood. It's unfortunate because I would like to see more balanced offensive attack. The running game is nearly extinct. I find myself gravitating back to baseball and hockey nowadays.
  13. BradHemphill

    BradHemphill New Member

    I continue to find myself gravitating from baseball and hockey to the NFL. I don't mind that much that there has been an increased emphasis on safety. NFL Sunday still beats the other major sports by a long shot.
  14. TimmyH6

    TimmyH6 Guest

    As the season goes on and teams begin to jell, the games will get better. The fact that many of them decide not to play their starters in the preseason makes the early games kind of ragged.

    For me, NFL Sunday has always been it. I cannot ever remember a time when I've wanted to watch any other sport. It used to bother me when the networks wouldn't show late afternoon games on Sundays when the World Series was being played (unless you were on the west coast). I felt like I was being cheated out of my share of football. I prefer day games for baseball, but not at the expense of my football.
  15. rand paul

    rand paul New Member

    Ill say this, it hasn't exactly been champaign football.
    A lot of the games have been let downs and as a Texans fan I am not happy with the results either.
  16. Kjordo711

    Kjordo711 New Member

    I don't really feel like its been terrible, just nothing really worth celebrating. As a patriots fan, they had a few nice comeback games that were awesome, don't get me wrong, but there is something missing from this season that was definitely there in the last one. I feel as though there could be a change in this feeling later in the season when things start to get more intense as playoffs cook up.
  17. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    There weren't too many high points for me this season, but it was still fun to watch. I think my favorite part of it is watching with my best buds and making memories.
  18. redwing40

    redwing40 Active Member

    Lions are winning, so far anyways! That's got to be better in some ways!
  19. chase88

    chase88 New Member

    I am a Cowboys fan so most seasons are terrible for me :(. I would agree that the season in general has been pretty boring. There's no big story lines to follow this year. In fact, I usually don't know who is playing who until the games start on Sunday, which is unusual for me.

    Even fantasy football doesn't interest me this year. That could be because my team isn't doing that great, but it seems like the rest of our league is apathetic as well. Could all this be because of the off-the-field issues that are going on with the league concerning the rule changes and other issues?
  20. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Unreal Packers/Cowboys game! :eek:
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