Anyone watching the Finland-Russia quarterfinal game?

Discussion in 'Hockey Card Talk' started by racinghy, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. racinghy

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    I'm kinda happy since Finland is winning 3-1 as of posting this, but there is still another half of the game to go! Anyone surprised that Russia is losing?
  2. ranbethscards

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    just turned it on... less than 17 minutes in the 3rd period... hoping Finland can hold on for the win.
  3. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards Insane Moderator... waiting for NASCAR Products Moderator

    great game.. great finish!

    Congrats to Finland.... quarterfinals... knocking Russia out of Medal contention!
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  4. Leafsfan1967

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    I feel bad for Ovechkin, as his coach basically threw him under the bus after the game with his comments that he didn't provide any goals. Ummm, it's a team game, and the rest of the team did squat, either. Why did he start Semyon Varlamov instead of Bobrovsky in net? A lot are criticizing the coach for the line combos, and not utilizing Ovy off the half boards where he scores most of his goals. Their system, or lack there of cost them a shot at a medal. The coach needs to look at himself in the mirror before he criticizes the players.
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