Assorted 2011/2012 Football Inserts For Trade

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    Not really sure what I am looking for, so I will look at all offers.

    I would like to stay away from the one-for-one trades.

    2011 Topps Game Day
    AG Green
    BR Roethlisberger
    HN Nicks
    JB Bettis
    JBE Best
    JN Namath
    PM Manning
    PW Willis
    RL Lewis

    2011 Topps Faces of the Franchise
    FO Fotre / Olsen (X2)
    FW Freeman / Williams
    GJD Gabbert / Jones-Drew (X2)
    MW Manning / Wayne (X2)
    NW Newton / Williams
    PH Peterson / Harvin
    RP Roethlisberger / Polamalu

    Super Bowl Legends
    V Howley
    VI Staubach
    XIX Montana (X2)
    XLV Rodgers
    XXIX Young
    XXVII Smith
    XXXVII Brady (X2)

    2012 Topps REPRINTS
    63 Elway
    65 Plunkett
    119 Starr
    200 Staubach
    216 Montana
    251 Moon
    311 Vick (Rookie Card) (X2)
    362 Kelly
    374 Young

    2012 Topps Paramount Pairs
    FJ Fitzpatrick / Johnson (X2)
    WBL Weeden / Blackmon
    BR Blackmon / Richardson
    MM McGahee / Miller (X2)
    LF Lewis / Flacco (X2)
    BD Benson / Dalton
    RJ Rice / Jeffrey (X2)
    TG Tannehill / Gray
    LW Lloyd / Welker (X2)
    CT Colston / Thomas

    2012 Topps 50th Anniversary
    431 Rodgers (X2)

    2012 Topps Ring of Honor
    RH48-EM Manning (X2)

    2012 Topps Prolific Playmakers
    AB Boldin
    ABR Bradshaw
    ANB Brown
    AD Dalton
    BL Lloyd
    BM Marshall
    DB Bowe
    DEB Bryant
    DMO Moore
    JPP Pierre-Paul
    LB Blount
    MC Colston
    ML Lynch
    SR Rice
    TR Richardson
    VC Cruz
    WM McGahee

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  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

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