Atlanta Braves Fan's First Visit to Turner Field

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    Ever since I was a young fan, I have been a die hard Atlanta Braves fan. That might seem odd, I grew up on the Wast Coast in the heyday of Ken Griffey Jr in Seattle and in the midset of great hitting in San Francisco. But, Thanks to TBS...when I got home from school and turned on the TV I saw Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and David Justice almost every day. Because of that, I am a huge Braves fan.

    But, I live in Oregon. So, outside of a couple of interleague play visits to Seattle I had never seen the Braves play in person. That all change just under a year ago.

    For my birthday last year (in May), my wife decided to give me an amazing present. I am not a difficult birthday person...a pepperoni pizza and an xbox game and I am happy as can be. But, my wife is an amazing person...and also a HUGE sports fan (of course, she roots for the Mariners...but nobody is perfect). She bought a trip to Atlanta for the two of us...she knew there were 2 things there I wanted to see and she felt a short trip would be the perfect gift. So she got plane tickets, hotel, tickets to the Georgia Aquarium (which was AWESOME!)...and tickets to two Braves vs. Dodgers games. It was awesome!

    We had a blast. The Braves won both games in exciting fashion. But, I thought I would share some photos from the trip:

    My wife and I:





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