Barry Larkin Don Russ Signed Rookie Card

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    Considered the gem of my collection at the time, I met Barry at spring training back in 1991 and I got him to sign his Don Russ rookie card. It immediately went into an extra hard plastic case, and although I don't have a photo of the card itself, it is in excellent condition.

    I've tried to price it around but I think it's harder to find because it's not a one-off card from his career but his RC.

    Does anyone have any idea what it's worth? Because he's already in the hall of fame and not still trying to get there, do you think it's best to continue holding onto it or is it pretty much leveled off in value for the distant future?

    Thanks so much!

    Here is the card in question minus the autograph: [​IMG]
  2. ranbethscards

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    The Rookie Card (without the autograph) has a BV of $4.00

    As far as an "In Person" Autograph is concerned, you would really need to have a "grading company" such as PSA to authenticate the autograph.

    Autographs that were issued by the card companies range from $20 - $50 in BV (for non-numbered versions).
  3. BradVermont

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    Ah okay, thanks! Who would you recommend for getting it authenticated?

    It was in-person, just circled him after the game with the various other kids and had it signed. He was my favourite player growing up so I was lucky enough to have it. I had no idea at the time he would end up in the Hall of course.

    Do you think it'll gain value with time or would it make no difference off-loading it now?
  4. CamaroDMD

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    Cards like this...with the story and history attached tend to be worth a whole lot more in sentential value than they are in actual monetary value. First, before I break down this piece and give you my opinion on value...let me say that I think it is an excellent piece and has a really cool story.

    I always look at cards like this and break down the pieces. First, I ask myself what the card itself is worth. Then, what the autograph itself is worth. Finally, I need to decide if there is anything extra that gives the piece a bump in value...something that makes it more than the sum of it's parts.

    First, look at the card itself. Graded examples of these (PSA 9) sell for around $ the card alone (ungraded) is probably worth $2-$3. I know it's a rookie card, but they were produced in huge numbers and value comes down to supply and demand. In this case, the supply is so high there isn't much value.

    Second, the autograph. This can be a little hard to price...but doing a search online of cards signed by Larkin in person can help you narrow it down. For this, I use sold listings on eBay. I see these selling for $10-$15...including a Topps RC selling for about $10.

    Finally...the something extra section. It is a RC, which IMHO makes it slightly more desirable. I can see that giving it a little bump and putting it at the higher end of the spectrum.

    So, in total...I see this being around a $15 piece. Maybe you'd get $20 for it on a really good day to the right buyer but I think $15 is probably the high retail here. IMHO, sending it in for authentication might not even be worth it. I don't know if you'd get enough profit to cover your grading fees.
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