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    On this day in 1972, Roberto Clemente became just the 11th player to reach 3000 hits when he doubled off Jon Matlack. It would be his last hit. Clemente died in the New Year's Eve plane crash.

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    My sister and her husband just got back from Puerto Rico. He was asking me about the plane crash which killed Clemente and where it was headed. I am too young to remember Clemente as a ballplayer. I was five when he died. From what I have heard and seen, he was a tremendous talent.

    I went to college in Jacksonville, Florida. Many of my classmates were from Puerto Rico and the reverence that they held for Clemente was astounding. My friends Jose and Ivan told me how the number 21 was not given to anyone lightly and had to be earned. No one could ask to wear it.

    It was not only his countrymen who held him in high regard. The parents of a very good friend of mine have a program from the 1971 World Series in which they attended one of the games in Baltimore. His mother used to always tell us that the only reason she went was to see Clemente play.

    It is rare that an athlete generates the type of awe that Clemente did as a person and ball player, in life and in death.
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    I would have loved to be able to watch Clemente play in his prime. What a graceful athlete and what a wonderful man. It doesn't seem that enough of them exist in the game today.
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    I never got the chance to see Clemente play. I was a young kid when he played and just was not into baseball like I am now. What a tragic way to die. I think a famous golfer died in a plane crash a few years ago, wasn't it Payne Stewart? I believe that as his name. At least Clemente went out after his 3000th hit. That provides a tiny bit of solace.
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    My boyfriend loves Clemente. I just bought him some Topps cards for his birthday in September. His love for Clemente is astounding. He loves how he was a humanitarian in addition to being a great ball player.
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    Today is February 4th, and as you all know I love the Detroit Tigers. On February 4th, 2010, Justin Verlander and the Tigers finalized an $80 million, five-year deal that would sign him until the 2014 season. I think that every dollar they spent was well worth it, too bad I can't say the same about Prince Fielder. lol
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