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    You know...it's funny. My favorite sport is football...I live and die football. I love to collect football memorabilia. Yet, for some reason...quite possibly my favorite thing to collect is vintage baseball cards. There is just something special about the history of baseball...and collecting "old" players (I'm just a kid...born in 1985) is just something I really enjoy.

    For quite some time now...I have been putting together a side vintage baseball collection. My primary focus in baseball has been my Mickey Mantle collection and my 1952 Topps set. But, because of my love for the history of the sport...I am also picking up nice vintage cards that "speak" to me a I go along. I haven't really defined what "vintage" means for this collection...if it's older and I like it, I add it. I doubt cards much newer than the early 1990s will creep in...but there is really no parameters to this collection.

    I'm going to post scans of the cards as I get them in this thread (and as I get them scanned). The only vintage baseball I pickup I won't include here (to minimize the amount of double posting) is the Mickey Mantle PC and the 1952 Topps cards.

    Those can be found here:
    Mickey Mantle PC: https://www.sportscardclub.com/threads/any-mickey-mantle-card-fans-here.428817/#post-1433969
    1952 Topps PSA Project: https://www.sportscardclub.com/threads/my-1952-topps-project.428612/

    I know I have posted some of these cards here before in random threads...but most will be new:

    This first card is the only example in my collection of a T206 Tobacco baseball card (the same set the famous Honus Wagner is in). Note, the SGC label wrongly identifies the card as a portrait...not batting.
    1909-11 T206 Red Murray Batting/Polar Bear Reverse SGC 2.5

    The next card is from the great 1933 Goudey set. I picked this card up in a lot of beater Goudeys but it is in great shape. Probably would grade out in the Ex range. Fitzsimmons won 217 games as a pitcher in a career that spanned from 1925-1943.
    1933 Goudey #130 Fred Fitzsimmons

    Here is a fun one. This is a card I got signed TTM by Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr. I sent this card to him a while back along with an official MLB ball and he kindly signed both. It's well worn, but it's a nice piece.
    1950 Bowman #43 Bobby Doeer TTM auto

    Same story here. I sent this card to legendary announcer Bob Uecker along with a official MLB ball and he graciously signed both for me. One of my all time favorite baseball people.
    1963 Topps #126 Bob Uecker TTM auto

    This card doesn't need much explanation. This was the card I entered in the Clubbies contest and made it to the semi-finals with.
    1968 Topps #177 Jerry Koosman/Nolan Ryan RC PSA5

    This has always been my favorite Nolan Ryan card...I just love the photo and the colors. I picked this example up a while back and I really like it...but I might eventually look to upgrade as I don't care for the centering. This is his first card with the California Angels.
    1972 Topps #595 Nolan Ryan PSA6

    Last card for now, this is another TTM where I sent an official MLB ball and threw in a card too and the player signed both. One of the great Atlanta Braves from an era where the Braves weren't great. This is Dale Murphy's first individual card (he had "rookie" card issues in 1977 and 1978 each with 3 other players)
    1979 Topps #39 Dale Murphy TTM auto
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    Here are a few more. These are all cards I picked up as a kid in various ways. My dad gave me the two Al Kaline cards. Kaline was his favorite player growing up and a friend of his gave them to him sometime in the 1980s. My dad is not a huge memorabilia guy so he gave them to me when I was old enough and appreciate vintage cards.

    The other cards I picked up as a kid at the LCS. Back then, the internet was in its infancy and I had no access. The only cards that came my way were the one's the LCS had. So, vintage cards were a very rare find. When they came in, and I could afford them, I would pick them up. As a result, these cards aren't my typical quality (centering isn't great, ect.) but they hold special value to me nonetheless.

    1956 Topps #20 Al Kaline (writing on back)

    1962 Topps #82 Gil Hodges

    1967 Topps #45 Roger Maris

    1967 Topps #216 "Bengal Belters" Norm Cash/Al Kaline

    1976 Topps #505 Hank Aaron (Aaron's final card during playing career)
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    some really nice cards there... and although I am a Tigers Fan... I think my favorite card is the 1950 Bowman #43 Bobby Doeer TTM auto!

    The Doeer is a sweet autograph!
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    So, this is a card I just got in the mail today. I have been wanting this card for quite some time and finally found a nicely centered example with good color for a price I thought was acceptable. I did pay a little high, but I felt it is a premium example.

    I am not the biggest fan of the 1959 Topps set as they are normally portraits inside the circle design of the card. I tend to find them somewhat ugly and plain. However, some (like this one have really nice "action" type poses). I love the image of Maris on this card. This happens to be the only card with Maris as a member of the Athletics and is his second card (his 1958 rookie features him with the Indians and his 1960 has him on the Yankees).

    1959 Topps #202 Roger Maris PSA 5.5
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    it'srelly nice cards you got
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