Beckett Box Busters - 2013 A&G !!!

Discussion in 'Baseball Card Talk' started by ranbethscards, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    Fantastic Break... done right! A 1 of 1 is pulled! Another 21 minute video break... alot of "jawing" back and forth between Brian and Chris, but well worth the viewing... that is if you are a fan of A&G!!!

    .. and NOT once does Chris Olds run his fingers through his long flowing hair (or lack of!)

    Side-Note: Brian and Chris tell you NOT to throw the boxes away... not sure why?

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  2. jayne

    jayne Member

    Wow, knowledgeable card collectors who know the sport and entertaining? I learned so much just from the cover and the 1 of 1 right in there, which is why we don't just toss the box. :) Do love how he just rips that cover off! lol. ... Do you think Topps knew who they were selling the set to and sold him a set with the special card for him? ... What oddball cards in there with the baseball this year. Not sure I would've liked that when I was little. Old baseballers (not Gehrig or Ty Cobb kind of old). ... Hmm.
  3. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    Jayne... for years there has been discussion about the "Hits" that some sites get when they do Box Breaks. Seems like Beckett's "Hits" are not as frequent as they use to be... heck, when they did a NASCAR Press Pass box they were always pulling either a Dale Jr, Danica or Gordon (when he was popular) autograph... and not a plain autograph, but a #/10 or #/25 or the car number (i.e., Gordon #24/25).

    You asked the question:
    YES!!! I believe they give "marked" boxes (for lack of a better word) to certain sites to make sure they get a super hit... but again, that's MY opinion.
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  4. jayne

    jayne Member

    What do you think of the Beckett (not Topps) set this year? It's all over the place but so many interesting pop topics covered along with baseball. Too weird or worth the time? ... Ok, glad to hear your opinion on the sites and their marked (good word) box breaks and super hits. Yup, seems to be the case.
  5. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

    Do not throw the boxes away because the lids themselves are 'rip lids.' Inserted in random lids are glossy 1/1 parallels of every card in the master set.
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  6. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah! Moderator

    thanks for the input! I wonder how many boxes were thrown away before the word got out to keep them and Rip Them!
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  7. jayne

    jayne Member

    Kind of a mean surprise because they don't tell everyone. That set was like an odd lot of cards. Kind of like buying the mystery junk bag at a retail store. Are you buying 150 multi-colored rubberbands or are there three diamond rings inset in white gold in there? lol.
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