Best $20 I've spent this year at a card show

Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by dksportz8, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. dksportz8

    dksportz8 Member

    Best $20 I've spent this year at a card show!

    It happened about 3 weeks ago. I sold the Arian Foster AU last week for $80 cash at a show.

    Dealer asked for $20 for this lot, do you think it was a good....investment? check out the scans with his prices on the cards and asked for just $2 a card!!

    2008 Leaf Limited #207 Antoine Cason AU RC 04/99 bv$12
    2008 SPx Green Holofoil Rookies #223 Shawn Crable AU 119/199 bv$15
    2009 Topps Career Best Autographs #EB Earl Bennett C bv$8
    2009 Limited #187 Mike Goodson AU RC 198/299 bv$12
    2009-10 SP Game Used Retro Rookie Exclusives #RRSC Bill Laimbeer 016/260 bv$25
    2008 Upper Deck Presidential Predictors #PV1 Barack Obama Victor bv$10
    2005 Donruss Classics #186 Matt Cassel RC 1429/1499 bv$12
    2006 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century Autographs #160 Jason Avant 091/100 bv$30
    2008 SPx Green Holofoil Rookies #190 Antoine Cason AU 097/199 bv$20
    2009 Bowman Sterling #115 Arian Foster AU RC 099/599 bv$100

    The Arian Foster AU booked at $12 back in April 2010!!!

  2. jcar604

    jcar604 New Member

    haha maybe its cuz he stuck that auto sticker on there himself. look how bad that looks.llol wish i had it though. i ned to go to some more card shows one just passed its hard for me though cuz i work every other weekend so my weekends off i do nothing..NOTHING
  3. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    thats alright great find brother
  4. afosterfan

    afosterfan New Member

    Man,I'm jealous!!!
    Ill give u double $40 just for the foster card...its win win. I get a card for my collection and you make $20! lol, j/k but you found a great deal!
    Is the bv on that card still $100 or has it gone up? Anyone know?
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