Bowman Box Group Break - Busting At 8 Est In This Thread!

Discussion in 'Closed Breaks' started by Johan Santana #57, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Johan Santana #57

    Johan Santana #57 New Member

    The break will be in this thread, starting at 8 EST!

  2. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    NICE mojo to you all !
  3. ShaqFan46013

    ShaqFan46013 New Member

    Come on HOT BOX!!
  4. 77ncaachamps

    77ncaachamps THE Marquette Collector'd need a Hot Box to save your hide in that break. Bowman has been disappointing...I hope SCF members are lucky!!!
  5. canesfan2011

    canesfan2011 New Member

    I'm calling Mojo in both boxes in honor of this being my first group box break
  6. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

    I had one hot box awhile back...had a gold ref auto (don't remember who) still a nice break on those.
  7. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Here we gooo.....
  8. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Box #1

    Pack #1
    Bowman Draft Picks & Stars Basketball

    Alexander Johnson - Grizzlies Rookie
    David West - Hornets
    Shaquille Oneal - Heat
    Bobby Simmons - Bucks

    Marcus Camby - Nuggets
    Marvin Williams - Hawks
  9. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Boooooooox Bam!
  10. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #2
    Quincy Douby - Kings - Rookie

    Chris Bosh - Raptors
    Danny Granger - Pacers
    Jason Kidd - Nets

    Richard Jefferson - Nets
    Jim Calhoun - University of Connecticut
  11. bhelser

    bhelser Active Member

    Let's go PORTLAND!!
  12. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #3
    Rajon Dondo - Celtics - Rookie

    Deelonte West - Celtics
    Rajon Rondo GU 198/249 Bowman Relics Celtics SEMI MOJO

    Nenad Kristic - Nets
    Carlos Boozer - Jazz
  13. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #4
    Randy Foye - Timberwolves - Rookies
    Sergio Rodriguez - Blazers - Rookie

    Drew Gooden - Cavs
    TJ Ford - Raptors

    Ike Didgo - Warriors
    Dirk Nowitzki - Mavericks
  14. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #5
    Adam Morrison - Bobcats - Rookie

    Jermaine Oneal - Pacers
    Richard Jefferson - Nets
    Nenad Krstic - Nets

    Luther head - Rockets
    Josh Howard - Mavs
  15. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #6
    Mardy Collins - Knicks - Rookie

    Ricky Davis - Timberwolves
    Kevin Garnett - Timberwolves
    Gilbert Arenas - Wizards

    Darius Miles - Blazers
    Jason Richardson - Warriors
  16. ShaqFan46013

    ShaqFan46013 New Member

  17. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #7
    Tyrus Thomas - Bulls Chrome Rookie

    Carlos Boozer - Jazz
    Ike Didgu - Warriors
    Dirk Nowitzki - Mavericks
    John Wooden - UCLA

    Tracy McGRady - Rockets
  18. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    PAck #8
    Rodney Carney - 76ers Rookie

    Bobby Jones 76ers Rookie AUTOGRAPH
    Sergio Rodriguez - Blazers Chrome Rookie

    Peja Stojakovis - Hornets Chrome

    Zydrunas Ilgauskas - Cavs
    Richard Hamilton - Pistons
  19. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    come on ... MORRISON!!
  20. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #9
    Jordan Farmer Bowman Relics GU (1 color 1 piece) MOJO
    Chris Duhon XRefractor /150 Bulls
    Renaldo Balkman Knicks Rookie
    Rasheed Wallace - Pistons Chrome
    Shane Battier - Rockets

    So far it has to be the best pack pulled. Nice Farmar GU and a /150 card.
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