Bowman Box Group Break - Busting At 8 Est In This Thread!

Discussion in 'Closed Breaks' started by Johan Santana #57, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #15
    Chris Bosh - Bowman Relics -Black

    Kobe Bryant - Lakers
    Danny Granger - PAcers
    Jason Kidd - Nets
    Delonte West - Celtics
  2. ShaqFan46013

    ShaqFan46013 New Member

    UK native Antoine Walker hits me with a base and chrome.
  3. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    Mojo Mojo Mojo
  4. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #16
    Allan Ray Celtics Autograph

    Dwyane Wade - heat
    kirk hinrich bulls
    chris bosh raptors
    ben howland - ucla

    zach randolph - blazers
  5. canesfan2011

    canesfan2011 New Member

    4 packs left and by my count if its a hot box 1 jersey and 2 autos left
  6. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    last two packs were great.
  7. canesfan2011

    canesfan2011 New Member

    The Celtics are owning these boxes
  8. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Pack #17
    Steve Novak - Rockets - Rookie

    Baron Davis - WArriors
    rashad mccants - timberwolves
    darko milcic - magic
    smush parker - lakers

    Michael Finley - Spurs
  9. ShaqFan46013

    ShaqFan46013 New Member

    Wade base and chrome ,Nice!
  10. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member


    Looks like the Sonics are going to at least get 1 decent card.

    Pack #18
    Luke Ridnour - Sonics /50 Refractor
    Rudy Gay Grizzlies -chrome rookie

    Jason terry - maverics
    zach randolph - blazers

    sam cassell - clippers
    devin harris - mavericks
  11. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

  12. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin New Member

    Overall not terrible not great. The hot box saved the day.

    Good Cards included Bosh Gu, Farmer GU, Ray Auto for a couple. Also a nice /50 Ridnour and some nice refractors and such.
  13. parep2001

    parep2001 Active Member

  14. parep2001

    parep2001 Active Member

    celtics really kicked butt
  15. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    yea the Celtics did well..... CONGRATS guys NOT a HORRIBLE break but yea the HOT box helped a LOT
  16. oglesbyc

    oglesbyc New Member

    knew i took the celtics for a reason

  17. anferneepenny

    anferneepenny I'm Bored

    Good lord my hornets stunk it up I think I got like 3 cards oh well this was my first group bye but not my last:D
  18. alicepi60

    alicepi60 New Member

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