Bring me Peyton Manning: Rookie, Inserts, Game used, Auto

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  1. Really looking for Auto and rookie but I am a huge Peyton Manning fan. I do not have any autos, game used. I have a lot of rookies and other types of inserts. I would like a picture before I think about your trade offer. Thank you!
  2. Adammcq

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    Do you have your stuff posted so I could look or are you looking to outright buy?
  3. I do have posts up! However it's not all that I have to offer really. A lot of the stuff I do have to offer is Michael Jordan cards (a few when I was younger were 6 dollars and I can't find in any beckett online anymore). I just have bunches of cards to trade for the stuff. Even if its something like 100 cards for your one. Atleast my collection lowers and I get what I want and maybe keep someone else happy, who knows). It's going to be hard to get any I am sure unless someone has duplicates or had a good day. I haven't made my first trade and, would love Peyton Manning card to be my first. Besides other sports cards....
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  4. Adammcq

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    I'm new here myself, do you know where I go to view your posts, sorry thanks for baring with me
  5. camaropat

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    Hey, heres the scans I promised this morning of the Prestige and Metal rcs, for the prestige (2nd pic) I didn't have one of itself so its the middle far left. Red one obviously, lol :):
    Do you have any Broncos for trade? I had the Foles you posted up on here already. :):
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    Click the name/ID, that'll bring-up a small window with some details about the person. Next, select "Profile Page", that'll bring you to their info-page. Look for the "Postings" tab and select it, that'll show all postings, the most recent first. Finally, select one of those, one or more of which will be what you're looking for.

    Good luck, and have fun exploring the system here! :)
  7. ya I found that out. I do know I would love the metal, the mini long one, and the chrome. which ones were all the rookies? thinking I want want the prestige if it is rc.
  8. camaropat

    camaropat Active Member

    Ok, the Purple refractor and xfractor are long gone, Ive been clearing out my Colts stuff of him for a while now, lol. The rookies are the Prestige red (middle row, first one on the left) and the Metal. The Bowman at the bottom is a rc too, but it has a bit of damage on it. I do still have the tall boy I think, Id have to dig it out though, lol.

    Also, there is somebody else interested in the 2 rookies, just to let ya know. :):
  9. figures every one wants them. I'm trying to get as many good shaped ones I can get. I'll take prestige red the metal. and tall ball. not sure what you are looking for. But do have posts up up and told you what I have I know I'm trying to get rid of as of now. I have about a 1000 cards to move and most are baseball from 1989 mint condition. and like I said, multiple cards if fair for your one. :)
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