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    For today's column I will look at products offered on cardcasepro. They produce storage boxes and sleeves designed for graded cards. Excerpt from their webpage:

    The Card Case is designed be as attractive as it is functional. Finally, a storage case designed specifically for storing sports-cards. Designed from the ground up, providing collectors a quality alternative to cardboard boxes. Made from durable, scratch resistant materials and hand assembled to ensure high quality craftsmanship and durability.

    The Card Case is their signature product. "Built by collectors, for collectors," the Card Case is an excellent solution for storing large quantities of graded cards. Collectors often spend hundreds of dollars on grading services for thousands of dollars of sports cards to them put them in a cardboard storage box or plastic tote. Many collectors store and display their graded cards in wall mountable cases. These can be limited however as the largest cases can hold around 5o graded cards with an average size case holding between 20 to 30 graded cards. Another concern with wall displays is the weight. Obviously 50 graded cards and a case big enough to hold that many weigh more than a lot of hangers and walls can support. The Card Case offers superior protection over other forms of mass storage and is a solution worthy of the cardboard treasures it can hold.

    The most popular feature for me of the Card Case is the customizable inserts. PSA, Beckett, SGA and ISA grading companies all have slightly different sized grading holders, even for the same 'standard sized' cards. The Card Case has removable dividers which can be spaced at 0.5” intervals to accommodate your graded card collection. The allows for the slightly different widths of graded cards to be stored securely. The Card Case is deep enough that I was even able to lay my 'tall-boy' graded cards down on the edge and still be able to adjust the dividers to provide safe storage. Another nice feature of the Card Case is the foam on the inside of the lid. The high density foam cushions and holds the cards in place. Even partially filled rows of cards do not move back and forth as the lid and foam close to surround your graded cards. The only graded card that I was not able to store in the Card Case vertically was a card graded by the now defunct 'The Final Authority' company because their holder is substantially taller than other companies' holders. Topping off the aesthetics of the Card Case is polished chrome hardware. The aligned triple hinges reliably hold the lid open when needed, the inset handles on the sides are durable and sturdy, and the dual clasp hinges secure the lid ensure your collection is safe. While it should not have come as a surprise, I did not expect the weight of 100 graded cards. The Card Case handled it like a champ though. The Card Case is a solid and durable storage solution for your graded collection.


    The other product offered by the company is individual graded card bags. As described on-line:

    A high-quality storage bag worthy of your valuable graded card! Carefully designed to ensure bags are functional for all major slabs (PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG). The large window design is the first of its kind and offers full-view of the graded card.

    As an alternative to plastic card sleeves, the card bags protect your graded cards from scratches. The offered bags are specially designed to hold graded cards slabbed by PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG. Two different designs are available (small and large window). The bags are a high quality product with hand-stitching and precision cut materials. Both style bags fit PSA graded cards very well. The full window style of card bag may be more popular for showcasing your high dollar cards, but the small window bags are nice for a quick reference and identification. The BGS graded cards height and width wise but they are thicker than their PSA counterparts. I do no recommend frequent insertion and removal of thinker cases in the card bags as they may stretch. The ISA graded cards fit although the top of the label is not visible in either style bag. The SGC holders are thicker than PSA yet thinner than Beckett. Their label fits in the small window bags just fine, but the PSA label fills up the small window.


    Card Case Pro offers high-end storage solutions for the experienced collector who is concerned about display and protection for their graded cards. The graded card bags may be more specialized for a niche market and specialized situations. I highly recommend the Card Case though for anyone who collects cards! The Card Case's adjustable dividers make it ideal for cards stored in top loaders, individual card cases and graded slabs. Small time collectors, dealers and shop owners alike will all find the Card Case to be invaluable to their collecting needs!


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    Love the new cardcasepro.com! I will be adding them to my PSA (heck, all my graded cards) that in the PC. Great way to protect them while being able to identify the card inside. Thanks to Tim for shipping my lastest "wolf" PC addition in a cardcasepro.

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