Carmelo Anthony Isn't Considering Leaving Knicks

Discussion in 'Basketball Card Talk' started by JoshSmith100, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. JoshSmith100

    JoshSmith100 Member

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    Do you guys really think Melo is not considering leaving New York?Do you see him being a Knick for the rest of his career?
  2. pojokers

    pojokers Member

    I can see him staying with the Knicks. I think it's a smart move and he's become relevant again because of it. As far as being a Knick for the rest of his career? I'm not sure. It's likely though, he likes New York.
  3. rand paul

    rand paul New Member

    I don't know why hed leave.
    The moneys good, New yorks a great city.
    If I were him id hang on as long as possible with the knicks.
  4. Nickace9

    Nickace9 New Member

    I think he stays with the Knicks, because it is his team. Carmello has a big ego, and the Knicks are awful without him so he is free to roam in the Big Apple. The Knicks have too many washed up role players and need a ball hog. Kenyon Martin? Amare Staudamire? J.R. Smith? Iman Shumpart? Tyson Chandler? Andrea Bargnani? New York is Melo land, and I see them trading the rest of their scrubs to find him some help before they pitch the only thing that they have going for them!

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  5. nowicki2013

    nowicki2013 Member

    I think Carmello should and will remain a New York Knick the rest of his career. He had a few decent teams to play with when he was in Denver, but with the players the Knicks have now, I think this is the best team he's been on in his life. New York would be smart if they continue to provide him with great supporting players and I think it won't be too long until they get a championship.
  6. kobe bryant

    kobe bryant New Member

    I heard that the Lakers may be interested in Carmelo. If the Lakers give him a great offer, then maybe there's a chance that he would switch teams. But with Phil Jackson now president of the team, I think that there's a higher chance that Melo would stay with the Knicks. I think that the presence of Jackson makes a big impact on the players.
  7. thejamal

    thejamal New Member

    He might stick around because of Phil, but I'm not sure if he's enough of a reason for him to stick around. NYK is just a flat out mess right now. Tyson is getting older, they have very few young assets and there's just not very a whole lot of good going on in NYK.
  8. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    I don't think there is anything wrong with him staying with the Knicks. It's a team that he feels comfortable with and at home with. I always have a tough time understanding how some athletes seem to trade so easily, so this is actually a breath of fresh air for me.
  9. sully3333

    sully3333 New Member

    Let the Melo sweepstakes begin! Where do you guys think that he'll end up?
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