Cleveland 'castaways'?

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    So with all the hype about what OKC did this Summer and Houston... both teams grabbing Paul George Melo and CP3 respectively... and also Boston getting Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving. The Cavaliers have certainly become something of a team of castaways. Lebron is the GOAT of course. But look at the rest of this coming seasons roster.

    Kevin Love has been in so many trade rumors this Summer. I wonder what his psyche will be like this season? Meanwhile they added Isaiah Thomas in the Kyrie trade. Isaiah though has a serious hip injury left over from last post-season. Most likely won't be back until January. They also signed Derrick Rose, who is a shell of who he was in his MVP season... and Dwayne Wade. Who can still ball but he's got a lot of tread on his tires at age 35.

    This seasons team seems a lot less fearsome than the last few seasons. A lot of older guys or guys who might ebb and flow due to injuries or being constantly disrespected by the front office. By the way, Cleveland also fired their GM this Summer and Lebron's deal is up next Summer so he could bolt in 2018 if things don't go well.
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