Dale Jr... "this is why I can't win the Championship"

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    Okay, so Dale Jr. did not actually say that... but...

    The first Cup Chase Race has not even started and Hendrick Motorsports have already started their media blitz.

    "... the #88 Hendrick Motorsports team of Dale Earnhardt Jr. suffered a big blow to the pit crew. Rear Tire Changer Joe Slingerland was injure..."

    Really? this is a "big blow" to the pit crew? HMS is basing it's Championship hopes on the rear tire changer?

    (no... really... I am NOT a Dale Jr Hater..., okay... I'm not telling the truth here...)

    jayski.com reports:

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    It may not appear to be a big deal, but actually yeah a slow tire changer can cost you 10-15 positions on the track, and you know how difficult it is to pass a car this year? Any car out front in clean air seems to have a huge advantage on the other cars. Go in the pits 1st on the last stop, and come out 12th, and your day is done. He'll be fine with the replacement tire changer. He has tons of experience.
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