Detroit Lions trade Josh McCown and Mike Williams to Oakland for #105

Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by Stang81, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Stang81

    Stang81 New Member

    Just read this on Everything Michigan that Detroit traded McCown along with Mike Williams to Oakland for a Draft Pick #105 (not sure which round).

    I will get the link in a second.

  2. hornsfan92

    hornsfan92 #1 vince young collector

  3. Stang81

    Stang81 New Member

  4. Johan Santana #57

    Johan Santana #57 New Member

  5. intelliracer

    intelliracer New Member

    I don't understand that deal at all. I get dumping Williams but why the back-up QB?
  6. Stang81

    Stang81 New Member

    I don't know what the problem was with Mike Williams. Maybe that year off really hurt him.

    Coming out of USC I thought he was probably the best WR coming out since Randy Moss but he never really lived up to the hype.

    I am a fan of Mike Williams so hopefully in Raider-Nation he can get his act together. This could be really good for the Raiders, they have Moss, Williams and Russell.....:eek:

    I think the Lions will be better this coming season than they have been in the past.

    McCown probably would never have seen the field in a Lions jersey unless Kinta got injured.

    What do you guys think about this??

  7. Stang81

    Stang81 New Member

    I don't think it is stupid.

    Mike Williams was third of fouth on the depth chart, there were games he didn't even play.

    He had 1 TD last season against Dallas. The Lions aren't losing much here except potential.

    McCown, him being off the team doesn't change anything. He didn't do anything for the Lions last season.

    With Mike Williams being gone, the Lions have Roy Williams, Mike Furrey, Shaun McDonald, and Calvin Johnson. There is no room for Mike Williams.

    Sure Mike Furrey and McDonald aren't your household names but Furrey had over 1000 yards receiving last year with nearly 100 catches (98 I think).

    I am not saying the Lions are going to make the Playoffs this year but I think they will be a better team as long as they stay healthy.

  8. intelliracer

    intelliracer New Member

    Well, Mike Williams wouldn't really be able to play much with Roy and Calvin. Those two would get all the scores. Going to Oakland, he can probably thrive very nicely. Russell will have a solid target in Moss and Williams' experience will be able to help.
  9. buitien

    buitien New Member

  10. intelliracer

    intelliracer New Member

    You must like the Raiders.
  11. hornsfan92

    hornsfan92 #1 vince young collector

    the lions are probably one of, if not worst, managed teams in the NFL. why do this trade, it makes no sense to me. whoever they take with the 105th pick..i think thats in the fourth round? probably won't amount to much. Mike Williams i can understand them moving, but josh mccown? i figured he would be their Qb next year. Stang, you said "all their losing is potential" . isn't that what they are looking for? potential? mccown had potential to be a good QB. Kitna is getting older and was never really good in the first place. To me it seems their whole offense is just loaded like a gun, dangerously waiting to be fired. They could be the top offense in the league with a good QB. But im not saying mccown was gonna be that guy, but moving him AND your first round pick from a few years ago for a fourth rounder? please..they could've gotten a lot more value out of that deal
  12. hunedaddy

    hunedaddy New Member

    WoW Ok,
    Pre draft the raiders were looking to get mccrown so that they wouldn't have to draft jamarcus russel. Mccrown wants to start (i read this somewhere) and he was going to start in oakland. Second, Mccrown is nowhere near worthy of being called a vetran mentor to the rookie quaterback. Third, every time matt millen and the lions draft a wide out it is a bust. I also think the lions are poorly managed. You could take a child from the show are you smarter than a fifth grader and they would do a better job than matt millen does in Detroit.
  13. Ground Support

    Ground Support New Member

    Josh Mccown is not the future of their franchise.

    Im more angry they got rid of Mike Williams.

    Drew Staton > Josh McCown
  14. Autonut1

    Autonut1 New Member

  15. #11 Roy Williams

    #11 Roy Williams #11 Roy Williams

    Mike Williams: Was fat, bad attitude, didn't try.

    McCown: Demanded trade. Didn't want to be a back-up.
    We now have 3 QBs without him. Stanton, Orlovsky and Kitna.

    Plus, he would never squeeze in there with CJ, Roy and Furrey.
  16. #11 Roy Williams

    #11 Roy Williams #11 Roy Williams

    You would need to pay attention to the Lions to say that. But, they are ;)

    No, they couldn't. No one wants Josh McCown and only the Titans wanted Mike Williams. I am glad they got rid of Mike Williams. He is overweight with a bad attitude, and a huge contract.

    I will pass.
  17. snick103

    snick103 Active Member

    wow Raiders got a steal
  18. vikingsarethebest

    vikingsarethebest New Member

    well i think the whol thing was just dum it needs a fin tooth come wat are the rell papers saying in this trade what are the demands and deals with the players mabey ther geting the better end of the deal
  19. Stang81

    Stang81 New Member

    How was it a dumb trade?

    McCown said in an interview before he was traded (his agent said it too) that he just wants to start. No disrespect towards they Lions, he is grateful for the opportunity he was given but he realized he wouldn't start as long as Kitna was healthy.

    Nothing wrong with that, who wants to sit on the bench while your team is losing???

    As for Mike Williams, I was really pulling for him. I kept telling myself "Just put him on the field and let him play, who cares if he is 10-15LBS over what the Lions want him to be. He is 6-5 and unless he is all bones then 235 is a good weight for him".

    I always thought it was a part of the Lions plan to be hard on Mike Williams when he wasn't dressed for a week or two and they said it was "due to practice habits".

    Matt Millen summed it up in an interview that Mike Williams just didn't show up. (I can find the link if someone wants to see).

    The Lions are on the right path, they just need to win some games now.

    GO LIONS!!!

  20. dpono22

    dpono22 New Member

    also, I just caught up on this thread, but the Raiders traded Randy Moss to the Patriots on Sunday night!!! so Mike Williams might be expected to fill that void, just thought the folks keeping score would like to know

    *edit* Furry was signed to a 3 year deal in January...they have a great wr corps with or without Williams, the future should be bright in Detroit...
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