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Discussion in 'Baseball Buy/Sell/Trade' started by nowicki2013, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. nowicki2013

    nowicki2013 Member

    As you all probably know from my recent posts on this forum I'm a Detroit Tigers, Pistons, and Lions fan. No need for Lions jokes, I've already heard them all. LOL I was wondering if anyone had a large Detroit Tigers baseball card collection they'd like to sell. I used to buy a lot of cards from my local card store but they recently went out of business. So if anyone has any Detroit Tigers card they'd like to sell, especially Trammell, Whitaker, Cecil Fielder, and Cabrera, please let me know, thanks!
  2. camaropat

    camaropat Active Member

    send a PM to ranbethscards, hes a show dealer in Michigan that picks up any Tigers he can get. That would be the best place to start on here. :)
  3. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

    I have over 100 current tigers cards including about 30 cabrera cards
  4. lysander spooner

    lysander spooner New Member

    send you a message with some cards listed
  5. Taliasen

    Taliasen Collecting Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey. Moderator

    Way too many to list. I can trade/sell in bulk. Or are you looking for certain years? current players only? Or I can just quote you a price, for the bulk player lots.
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