Did Anyone See The 2014 Panini FIFA World Cup Prizim Cards?

Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by CamaroDMD, Jun 11, 2014.

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    It seems every time I turn around, Panini is making some new product that just feels like a cheap attempt to make money. I'll be right up front about it, I don't like their products. They have too many super low number SPs that are virturally identical to other super low SPs. If you make a card that is /5 but you have 20 slightly different versions of that card that are /5...it just bugs me. They are also really good at making new combos of the exact same sticker autos and creating basically the same types of cards with autos.

    However, I was reading about this new set...the 2014 Panini FIFA World Cup Prizim and I think this time they even went further to cash in. So, this set...released just in time for the World Cup features cards of many soccer greats from around the world. Now, I'm not a huge soccer guy and I don't really collect soccer memorabilia...but releasing a set now with these players seems like a reasonable thing to do. Nothing wrong there.

    Reading more into this set, I learn that it features an autograph subset of 2 players. Now, my assumption was the autographs would be of famous soccer players...or better yet, retired legends. Something true soccer fans would really enjoy. Well, I couldn't be more wrong.

    The two autographs in the set...Kobe Bryant and Andrew Luck. Basically, as far as I can tell...Panini has repackaged left over sticker autos into this set of Bryant and Luck. They labeled the cards "Fans of the Game." I'm probably making too big of a deal out of this...but it just seems like this company is constantly at the forefront of shameless tactics to sell their product.


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