Do You Think Game Cards Will Be as Popular As Sports Cards?

Discussion in 'Other Sports Card & Non-Sports Card Talk' started by Jeane, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Jeane

    Jeane New Member

    Some people believe that sports card collection isn't as popular as it was in the past . . .

    . . . since many people play computer games, maybe more of these players might be interested in collecting game cards. Everything changes after all.

    Would now be a great time to invest in game cards so you can sell your vintage collection some 10 or so years from now at a much higher price?
  2. VainMortal

    VainMortal New Member

    Anytime is the best time to start, I guess. I mean if I started my collection early on, then 40 years would have made me a richman, if I did. If you started late in life then you will be passing it on to your progeny. It would still be a great investment for their future...
  3. Tonivir

    Tonivir New Member

    I think time will tell if game cards will outdo the sports card era. Because you know, online gaming today really move fast when it comes to innovation and marketability. Many users today switch to online game, so just like the sports era when it begun, I think time will only tell if the game cards era is started to bloom.
    And with that, maybe, I will switch to collect more card games and expect in the future to earn much from my collection.
  4. Hanylen

    Hanylen New Member

    I wanna share my experience to those collectibles. When I was young my uncle from Wahington gave me sportscards as a christmas present. Different cards with a year indicated of 1980's and I don' t recall much of the details.
    Every November, we have a package from my uncle, and I felt sad because it's not cards I want!
    But He wrote our names on every item inside the big box.
    I'm a girl, but still I always received sportscard and other collectibles with special packaging.
    All I thought is that they are only play cards.
    Until one day, an old man requested to buy all those cards.
    As a child ofcourse, I can't resist of a single penny with candies
    But as I grow older I realized how stupid I am for selling those important cards which cost about two-month salary.
    I regret it.
    But still I don't tell it to my uncle
  5. Edward

    Edward New Member

    Yes, game cards will be popular as sports cards. In South East Asia card games are selling like candies. In time those game cards will have a collectible value.
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