everything in my bucket for sale

Discussion in 'Football Buy/Sell/Trade' started by kordell2000, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

    Ok guys, here's the deal. I need to raise $50 quickly. Everything in my bucket is for sale. Check it out and let me know what you want.
  2. palmdesertcards

    palmdesertcards New Member

  3. arod812

    arod812 Active Member

    Still interested in Bradford and Murray autos, all 3
  4. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

    anyone else need anything?
  5. Greene23fan

    Greene23fan New Member

    hey bbud what do you need for the 2012 bowman rc au ryan broyles auto and the 2012 bowman ryan lindley exch au
  6. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

    The Brpyles I just traded and the Lindley I redeemed. Haven't gotten it back yet.
  7. mikebsch

    mikebsch Member

  8. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

    Lets try this again
  9. spud77

    spud77 Active Member

    How much is the Shane Vereen Freshman Fabric?
  10. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

    Sorry bud, the Vereen is gone
  11. spud77

    spud77 Active Member

    No problem. Thanks for checking!
  12. cardjim

    cardjim Active Member

    Interested in these if you still have them and the price is fair. Let me know. Thanks. Jim

  13. Munker

    Munker New Member

    how much for the lenny moore gu
  14. kordell2000

    kordell2000 Active Member

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