Finally Some Mail, Some Real Nice High End

Discussion in 'Sports Card Chat' started by vosen8832, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. vosen8832

    vosen8832 New Member

    It's been a little while since I had much for mail but I think I made up for that this past week.

    2008 Contenders Pierre Garcon rookie auto

    2010 Certified Bryan Bulaga 1/1 auto

    2001 Upper Deck Ovation Ladian Tomlinson auto /250

    2009 Exquisite Jeremey Maclin 4 color rookie patch auto /225

    1996 Laser Images Emmit Smith auto /400
    Off brand but such a nice card design and it looks even better in person.

    2008 SP Authentic Matt Ryan 3 color rookie patch auto /499

    2004 SP Authentic Phillip Rivers 3 color rookie patch auto /299
  2. Johnny5

    Johnny5 New Member

    nice haul dude
  3. tndcollectables

    tndcollectables Active Member

    nice cards dude, if the emmitt is available pls cmb
  4. Dlong1

    Dlong1 DLong1

    Great mail day! I wish I could get one like that.

  5. wheeler281

    wheeler281 SCF LEGEND

    Jeepers Vosen you have been working. Awesome
  6. vosen8832

    vosen8832 New Member

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