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Discussion in 'Football Card Talk' started by Fitzythird, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Watching the New England Patriots get their helmets handed to them last night by the Detroit Lions was a laugher. After watching Coach Bill play his Dark Side mind tricks all these years, I have a feeling, he wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

    Even with Brady starting the game, (which did surprise me a little), the Pats were mistakes waiting to happen. Simple basics like protecting the ball, committing to the route by receivers and just plain common sense eluded the club from Foxboro.

    What happened in practice this past week? Was Bill playing Angry Birds on his smartphone? I doubt it. I think Bill hands out enough rope at times to let his players hang themselves and then lets them relive it all on film the following week and beats them mercilessly in practice.

    Bill retakes power when he needs to. If he sees the inmates are starting to run the asylum, he lets them have some fun and then rubs their faces in whatever mess they make. Last night was a catastrophe to watch. But I know better. Look for the Patriots to pull it all together and come out disciplined and up to form next time. more thing, the last time the Lions beat the Pats in preseason, the Pats won the Superbowl that year....Nice job by the Lions last night though. Thanks for exposing the Patriots and giving Bill all he needs to know to get this team back on track.
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    Don't mind me.. I just have to add a couple things about the fiasco the NFL tried to sell as a Football Game.

    Four quick turnovers by the Patriots... should give Detroit a 28 to 0 lead... but nope... Stafford couldn't hit the side of a barn if the barn was only 10 yards from him. He showed NO leadership abilities... and his quarterback abilities are just as bad.

    Now... Detroit brings in the boy from Boise State (Moore) and he does what in the second half...

    The stats don't lie... why is the Lions BEST quarterback either going to sit on the bench or become their "pratice squad" quarterback?

    As far as Shaun Hill, the Lions reported:
    It's true.. you can just call me... "A TRUE Stafford Hater" and proud of it!
  3. Fitzythird

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    So Moore isn't the second stringer for the lions? I assumed he was. The kid showed a lot out there last night. Very poised and in control. I hadn't put much thought into it as I am still not in total football mode.

    That flies in the face of reason if they don't use that kid in a more active role. Stafford is a stiff....
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    Pre season has mattered a great deal with the number of injuries that we've seen. There's been some devastating knee injuries and key injuries to prominent starters. The Broncos have felt more of the impact than any team, including the suspension of Von Miller. I'm hoping the final pre season games will be injury free and we can get into Week 1 with most teams at full strength. Go Falcons!
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