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    Here's a small group of cards I don't much care for that I'm willing to sell or trade. I require shipping to be paid for...hence the asterisk...but as long as that's accounted for I'd accept cheap autos, relics, #'d cards, inserts, unwanted rookies, common Packer cards, non-sport autos, relics, and inserts...Star Trek being one, but i'd consider any if you put a package together.

    I'd send these without the top-loaders and team-set bags, but would use stiff cardboard and paper-wrapping in a bubble-mailer to send these out. Shipping costs about $3 with without insurance. Insurance is around $2 for $50 worth of product, but $1 should do here, so I'd need $4 added to any offer to account for shipping costs. Since the cards are probably only worth $5 all-together, I'd take a cash offer of $5 and ship it without DC and insurance, or some cheap cards and $2 for shipping.

    It's not necessary to include autos and relics in your offer, as I'm just stating my preferences. So if you have a bunch or Packer cards or Star Trek inserts, or #'d cards you'd be willing to trade, I'd consider it. Otherwise, a cash offer works for me too.

    The cards:

    2003 UD Patch Collection # 125 Brad Banks (rookie)
    2003 UD Patch Collection # 131 Brooks Bollinger (rookie)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 11 Rob Johnson (Buffalo Bills)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 82 Torry Holt (St. Lois Rams)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 92 Warrick Dunn (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 96 Derrick Mason (Tennessee Titans)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 102 Alge Crumpler (Atlanta Falcons)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 #103 Vinny Sutherland (Falcons/49ers' in 2001)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 106 Travis Henry (Buffalo Bills)
    2001 Private Stock PS-2001 # 147 Heath Evans (Seattle Seahawks)

    Manufactured Football Patches.jpg

    Football Minis.jpg

    I doubt anyone's interested, but what the hey, lol
  2. IQless1

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    $5 says there'll be no takers. :rolleyes:
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